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  • September 04, 2020 10:17 AM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    Tesla to unveil core structural redesign -

    This week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk visited the site of the new Gigafactory Berlin and had some interesting things to say, “There’s a bunch of innovative stuff that we will be doing here that we will tell you about in the future. It’s not just a copy of Model Y. It’s actually a radical redesign of the core technology of building a car.” Hopefully these changes can help lower cost of production, as well as improve quality control. These changes will be unveiled on September 22 at the Fremont factory on Tesla’s Battery Day.

    Ford dealers are coming after Tesla - 

    With the Ford Mach-E on the horizon, Ford dealers are becoming equipped to do something new, sell an electric vehicle. The question that Ford dealers who try to sell a customer on a Mach-E will likely get most is, “Why is this better than a Tesla?” The truth is, they can show all sorts of pricing differences but ultimately, the Mach-E all wheel drive extended range is more expensive after tax credits than the Model Y, and that does not even factor in the supercharging network, autopilot features and everything else that makes a Tesla special.

  • August 31, 2020 4:22 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    What do you get when you bring a P100D with Ludicrous to the drag strip? A lot of people who have no idea they are about to get their ICE kicked….

    Jokes aside, on August 26th of 2020, I got one of the best birthday presents of my life, and it came a day early too! TOCNYS Club President, Patrick Ho, took the 4+ hour drive from Rochester to Lebanon Valley Dragway to join me for a night of providing a “hardcore smackdown to gasoline cars” as Elon Musk would put it….. and man did they receive a smack down that afternoon!

    For just $20, participants can join in the “Test & Tune” category where they are able to have as many runs from 6-10pm. Due to the high volume of cars at the track that night, that roughly equated to a maximum of about 5-6 runs. While that might not seem like a lot of runs, you will often get exhausted after about your second or third time down the strip. While not physically demanding by any means, especially if you’re driving a Tesla, mentally and emotionally it can really take a toll on you!

    As far as times down the track for the ¼ mile, the best run Patrick had in his Model S P100D was a 10.97, and the best time I ran in my Dual Motor Model 3 was a 12.24… these times are honestly amazing, especially when you factor in the fact that they are 4-door family sedans. It was a great feeling to pull those times, but even a better feeling to show everyone the potential electric vehicles have, and that they are more than capable when it comes to owning the track.

    Besides Patrick, his wife, and I, TOCNYS member Kathi Cafiero drove out from Massahustes, and Key Member Jack Riggins ( from the Capital-Saratoga region ) also joined in on the fun and snagged some great photos of the night. We all had a great afternoon, and I look forward to the next night out there, hopefully we will be able to break more records!

  • August 28, 2020 9:31 AM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    Through communications with Watkins Glen International, we will be postponing our event that was initially scheduled for tomorrow. Due to high probability of thunderstorms this Saturday 8.29.20, track conditions will be hazardous to participants, a risk that cannot be overlooked.

    Rick Cognata, Regional Organizer for the Finger Lakes Region, was able to work with Watkins Glen to allow us to reschedule for a future date ( tbd ). Thank you for your understanding, we hope to see you on the rescheduled date.

  • August 27, 2020 9:06 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    Changes Coming to Model 3 -

    With the release of the Model Y, it is easy to think that Tesla’s attention has gotten away from the Model 3, but that is not the case. There have been several recent and upcoming changes coming to the Model 3, mostly based on technology from the Model Y being introduced to the 3.  One example is that several new Model 3 owners who have taken delivery recently have noticed that the front trunk on the Model 3’s being produced recently is a bit smaller than older Model 3’s. This is likely due to the upcoming addition of the heat pump used in the Model Y. The heat pump is an impressive feature that saves range, especially when in cold conditions by heating the battery, rather than the battery heating itself. Another change that the Model 3 will likely adopt from the Model Y is the black trim, as opposed to the chrome trim that is currently equipped on the Model 3. There are also currently rumors that the Model 3 will get a power trunk, a feature included on the Model Y. 

    FBI and Tesla Prevented Ransomware Hack on Tesla Gigafactory -

    This week, the FBI released the information on Igor Igorevich Kriuchkov, a 27 year old Russian man and part of a group who attempted to lure a Russian-speaking Tesla employee to install malware on a Tesla company computer. Ransomware is a type of malware that can be installed in a computer system (ie. schools, hospitals, businesses) and hold all stored information ransom, until the victim pays the cybercriminals. Kriuchkov met with the Tesla employee several times before offering to pay him $1 million to install the ransomware from within. Luckily, Tesla has good hiring practices, as the employee did not refuse, but immediately reported it to Tesla, who in turn reported it to the FBI. The FBI launched a sting investigation which involved the Tesla employee wearing a wire to several liaisons to plot the cyberattack. If the Tesla employee did not do the right thing and the attack had gone through, it would have possibly resulted in operations being temporarily suspended at the Nevada Gigafactory, as well as Tesla having to pay millions to retrieve their data. 

  • August 20, 2020 9:16 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    Two Factor Authentication Finally Coming to Tesla -

    It has long been a fear of Tesla owners that someone could simply drive off in their car, with only their email and password to their Tesla account. This would be possible via the Tesla app, where with only your email and password, one can log in to the app to unlock your car and drive off. One popular solution that many companies have for this type of vulnerability is called two factor authentication, or 2FA. 2FA makes it so that when someone logs into the Tesla app, they have to approve the login via an email or text message sent to them. This will prevent someone from logging into a Tesla account who is not the actual owner of the car and who doesn’t have permission to login. In a recent tweet, Tesla CEO stated that 2FA is coming soon and that the feature is being rolled out “embarrassingly late.” Luckily, there have not been many instances where a car is stolen using this vulnerability, and two factor authentication will prevent any future vulnerabilities related to logging into the Tesla app.

    Some Teslas Will Soon be Able to Play Elevator Music Through External Speakers -

    Many Tesla cars have external speakers, intended to make a noise when travelling at low speeds to ensure that pedestrians know that the car is there since electric cars do not make as much noise as internal combustion engine cars. Although the speaker is intended to play a simple sound to alert pedestrians to the cars presence, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk would like to add to the capabilities. He recently expressed via Twitter that he intends to enable the cars to play “Snake Jazz or Polynesian elevator music... wherever you go.” “Snake Jazz” is a reference to the popular TV show Rick and Morty, where a planet of snakes develop their own version of jazz.
  • August 14, 2020 8:34 AM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    Destination Charging May Become Costly

    Tesla has recently been pushing businesses apart of their destination charging program to upgrade to the newest, 3rd Generation Wall Connector. The Destination Charging program allows for businesses to purchase and install their own Tesla Wall Connectors, in exchange for being listed on Tesla’s website as a charging location. This provides more business from electron-hungry owners, who need to charge while eating a meal, or spending the night at a hotel. The newest Wall Connector adds WiFi connectivity, which can be used to remotely monitor the output of an individual Wall Connector. This push from Tesla will likely result in more fees for using Destination Chargers, as currently there will typically be a designated fee to use the chargers, or sometimes they will even be free to use. The new features added to the Wall Connector will allow businesses to charge customers based on how much energy they use, possibly resulting in a more expensive charging experience for owners. 

    New Software Update Provides Helpful Features -

    The most significant feature in the new 2020.31.1 software update only affects Raven Model S & X owners. The new software allows for a much more detailed adjustment of the air suspension system. The update allows owners to see not only the height of each wheel, but the compression current, rebound current, and the acceleration forces. The update also allows for more refined adjustment to the ride comfort and handling. The other significant feature released in the update helps the more forgetful owners, who may have left a door, the trunk, or a window open while parked. The new update will allow owners to select whether or not they would like to be alerted via the Tesla app if a window or door is left open. If enabled, an alert will be sent to the owner if the car is parked, and no one is detected inside of the vehicle for 10 minutes. 

  • August 07, 2020 3:23 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    Tesla Launches Their Own Wrap Service in China

    In five Chinese cities, Tesla has launched their own wrap service at Tesla Service Centers. Tesla only currently offers five different colors, and many Tesla owners use aftermarket wraps to customize their car and choose from a wider range of colors. Wraps are beneficial to the owner because they are just a thin layer of vinyl over the original paint, and a wrap done properly will not damage the paint and is easily removable. This is not the first time that Tesla has hinted at possibly wrapping cars themselves, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously stated that with the Cybertruck body panels, they would need to be wrapped, and could not be painted. This could just be a sort of test-run of how they would be able to wrap cars at their Service Centers and make more money through that. 

    Smaller Cybertruck is “Highly Likely” -

    The European car market is very different from the American car market in many ways, most notably sizing. European buyers tend to buy much smaller cars than Americans, which could possibly create a problem for Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck. Although the truck will most likely be manufactured in America, Tesla always wants to reap the benefits of selling cars in Europe as well. Elon Musk recently stated that even reducing the size of the Cybertruck by 3% is too much, even though the Cybertruck prototype was even big for a pickup. When asked on Twitter if Musk would consider making a smaller version of the Cybertruck for the European market he stated, “Highly likely down the road.” Even if Tesla ultimately does make a smaller version of the Cybertruck, it would take a while for it to come out as the target market with the upcoming vehicle is Americans.

  • August 03, 2020 10:22 AM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    Our first annual golf outing was a huge success! I cannot thank Tony Dusenberry (TOCNYS member) enough for his hospitality and for inviting us out to his beautiful golf course, Reservoir Creek, located in Naples, New York.

    I felt like a celebrity when I first pulled in and noticed that Tony reserved multiple parking spots for our Tesla club right behind the 9th green! Additionally, he had chargers available for anyone that wanted to use them. In total we had 16 golfers, four foursomes, which were a blend of Tesla club members and their guests.

    The views down in Naples, if you’re not familiar, are absolutely spectacular. The course is phenomenally maintained, and it is also offers golfers a  good challenge. After making the turn between the 9th and the 10th hole, we all stopped and grabbed some lunch. If you ever get a chance to go down there before summer ends, definitely get the Italian sausage with peppers and onions.

    The best score of the day was a 71 by my 21-year-old neighbor! Honestly though, I think most people just enjoyed getting out on a beautiful August day and knocking the ball around talking Tesla between holes.

    If you did not get a chance to make it down and you are a golfer, I can’t stress enough how beautiful the golf course is. Yes, it’s a bit outside of Rochester, but it’s totally worth the 45 minute drive. Thank you again Tony for everything!

  • July 30, 2020 5:33 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    Tesla May Change Model Y Internals -

    In the recent Q2 Earnings Call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated that the company may end up changing some of the Model Y internals in order to make the manufacturing process easier. The changes would mostly take place at the upcoming Berlin Factory, where European Model Y cars will be produced. The changes will not affect the appearance of the car, just the ease of manufacturing. Ease of manufacturing is a priority for Tesla, especially after the “production hell” they went through when they were ramping up Model 3 Production. Although many of the changes will be implemented in the Berlin Factory, there will also be changes to the Fremont factory. For example, the world’s biggest casting press is being assembled at the Fremont factory and will be used for the Model Y rear body casting. 

    Elon Musk Says Tesla Is Open to Supplying Software & Hardware to Other Companies -

    Tesla’s mission from the beginning was to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transportation, and with that goal comes the opportunity to do things  that benefit the planet and their mission, but not necessarily Tesla itself. Elon Musk recently tweeted that the company would be open to supplying other car manufacturers with powertrains, batteries, and software. Although this may seem like a good offer for companies like Audi, (who recently admitted to being at least two years behind Tesla in terms of EV technology) it would ultimately not make sense for a large company to outsource such key components of a car, especially when they could just put the money into their own research and development.

  • July 27, 2020 3:16 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    Ok.... fine... just kidding, this was actually our first ever Tacos and Tesla event as a club.

    Although to be fair, my Tesla and I have celebrated Tacos and Teslas many times, so perhaps it has actually been that many for myself. July 18th was the first time that we have gone with other Teslas, so I guess the title should really be called 1st Capital Region Tacos and Teslas.

    We had an amazing sunny day, accompanied by an amazing group of Tesla owners, including the Van der Linden family who drove well over an hour to break taco shells with us, and the Capello family that brought both their Y and 3!

    Now, you're probably asking yourself, what could have made things even better than being around 8 Teslas and some of the coolest folks in town... tacos from Mi Casa!!! After tacos and many great conversations, we took a drive over to Mr. Bill's Mill Creek to get ice cream and play mini golf. And the cherry on top... while we were there, a Model 3 showed up who was not even part of the meet up! (Teslas are not super common in this area, so it was a fun surprise to run in to them)

    This was my third Tesla Owners Club New York State event, and each time I enjoy meeting people who are passionate about not only their car, but also our planet. It’s nice to learn new tips and trick, share thoughts and opinions, and to make memories. I love that the kids are there hearing adults discuss positive ways to make changes in the world. As always, I drove away already looking forward to the next event.

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