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  • August 20, 2019 4:10 PM | Joe Moore (Administrator)

    "The Tesla Model 3 continues to dominate in its vehicle class in the United States. Frankly, sales charts for the second quarter of 2019 make it look like the Model 3 doesn’t belong in this class at all, and there’s a strong case to be made that it doesn’t.

    The Model 3 has a similar base price point to the other vehicles on the charts featured below, but it has much lower cost of ownership, much better tech (infotainment tech and autonomous driving tech), record-breaking safety scores, and unmatched performance. There’s really not a solid reason to buy another car in this class. Aside from some buyers not liking the design of the Model 3 for some reason and choosing a competing car, I presume that sales of other models in this price range are simply due to inertia — societal inertia, marketing inertia, and internal illogical inertia. Actually, even a distaste for the design may simply be due to psychological inertia..."

    Click here to read the rest of the article over at Clean Technica...

  • August 13, 2019 1:19 PM | Joe Moore (Administrator)

    27 humans gathered on a beautiful morning this past Saturday to celebrate the opening of the much-awaited Tesla Supercharger in Ithaca.


    It had been a long wait (at least 1.5 years as this TMC post evidences) for this Supercharger to even be found let alone be used, but it made its debut on July 18. Though admittedly a little late, we were determined to celebrate the small victories - and seize every excuse to hang out together too! It couldn't have been too late after all, as the official Tesla map doesn't even show it as active (red) at the time of this writing...

    As Ithaca is situated at the crossroads of Binghamton & Waterloo and Syracuse & Corning, it really is a strategic spot for a charging station. Located toward the outer edge of town in a shopping plaza also home to several stores and restaurants, there are adequate places to eat and spend time while waiting for one's car to charge.

    Back to the event...

    Of course, most who gathered there on Saturday probably didn't take notice of the surrounding stores as there were just too many other interesting Tesla owners to meet and hang out with. The attendees being made up of half local Ithacaites (Ithacanians?) and half coming from other areas as far away as Rochester (2 hours).

    Parking in a line, the group filled the 8-stall Supercharger with a couple cars in overflow and then the "official" ceremony began.

    First, we recapped the history of the Supercharger and honored TOCNYS member Craig O, who not only first stumbled upon the Supercharger's location and was the first to use it, but was gracious enough to let everyone else know too.

    Then we covered some Supercharger stats gleaned from Supercharge.info:

    • Superchargers worldwide = 1,613
    • In the US = 766 (47%)
    • In NYS = 39 (tied for 2nd behind California) (2.5%)
    • In Ithaca = 1 (0.06%)

    Following that, new TOCNYS member Anne K, who happens to be a local legislator, shared with everyone the current state of EV affairs in both Ithaca and Tompkins County. Her contribution was very much appreciated!

    Next came the world premier of a song co-written by myself and John Denver for the occasion called "Take Me Home Ithaca".


    Then we concluded with some inspiring, dare I say, electrifying final words before cutting the ribbon:

    "Watt can I say, though electric vehicles can be a polarizing topic, the Tesla has really been a converter of a lot of skeptics. We are really amped about this supercharger coming to Ithaca - really the whole EV and especially Tesla movement. And we re-fuse the current resistance from the old guard oil/gas automobile industry. They’re not going to stop us because we are grounded in the belief that our best days are ahead of us, not behind us. Thank you."

    Having sated our souls with fellowship and ceremony, it was time for our stomachs to get their turn! We headed to the well-rated Sunset Grill for what turned out to be Brunch. Good company and spectacular views of Cayuga Lake helped us pass the time before our super-tasty food came out.

    At just under 40 miles, Cayuga Lake is the longest of the Finger Lakes

    Enjoying the outdoor seating at the Sunset Grill

    Ithaca, you definitely put the "grand" in Grand Opening. Thanks for the new friends made and new club members that joined as a result. Looking forward to charging there the next time that we're passing through on the way home :)

  • August 09, 2019 1:13 PM | Joe Moore (Administrator)

    New York wants more people to buy electric cars, so the state is offering incentives to companies to build more charging stations.

    Tesla has sold hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles, more than its competitors, and the company has built a network of chargers to match.

    But New York has cut Tesla out from a key incentive program for charging stations. Tesla argues that’s unfair — and now it's fighting the decision in court.

    The state Public Service Commission's program makes up to $31.6 million available for 1,075 new fast-charging stations in public locations. The intent is to help the state meet its goals for getting consumers to switch to electric vehicles. The incentive is supposed to help blunt the costs charging station owners face when they use a lot of electricity in a short period of time.

    Tesla, which has charging stations around the country at places like shopping malls, intended to get a piece of New York's incentives.

    Continue reading the article over at Albany Business Review...

  • July 29, 2019 2:49 PM | Joe Moore (Administrator)

    Not even if weather was programmable could you ask for a more perfect day for a Meet & Drive event through the Finger Lakes!

    We started the day at the Victor Supercharger and left as a caravan of 7 Teslas. Our first destination was the Antique Wireless Museum in Bloomfield, NY - the third largest collection of electronics (and largest collection of radios) in the US after the Henry Ford and Smithsonian! Some notable displays are the Tesla coil that can light up nearby florescent bulbs wirelessly, a working telegraph station, a 250,000 watt Voice of America radio station, and even the world's first cell phone! There are many, many more first-ofs and significant-becauses, but these limited paragraphs just can't do proper justice to them.



    As fascinating and historical as the museum's collection is, it was truly our knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides that brought everything to life for us. Their passion for wireless history and technology is contagious.


    TOCNYS member Morgan W. (on right above) is also a member of the Antique Wireless Association and guide at the museum. He was instrumental in not only making this event possible, but really seeing that everyone who attended was well cared for. This included a Tesla-themed gift bag, ice-cold water, and snacks for all!

    Next, we traveled to Lake View Point, just north of Naples where we captured some of the spectacular views of Canandaigua Lake from the south.

    After that, we were off to our final destination for the day: Hunt Country Vineyards, with EV chargers, solar power, and geothermal temperature management, quite possibly the greenest winery in the Finger Lakes. Having reserved our spots weeks in advance (a necessity for such a popular location), we were greeted in the parking lot by none other than Suzanne Hunt, representing the 7th generation of the Hunt family to own/run the vineyards.

    The group then ordered lunch and split up for wine-tasting or a tour of the facilities.



    By the time lunch was ready, we were well ready for a meal and we had much from the day's activities to discuss! Goodbye until next time!


  • July 23, 2019 10:54 AM | Joe Moore (Administrator)

    Earlier this year, we wrote about how the New York Public Service Commission planned to discriminate against Tesla and Tesla owners by offering incentives of lower electricity rates to non-Tesla charging stations across the state. We also spearheaded a petition movement to make sure the NYS politicians heard our voices. You can read more about this in the post The Empire State Strikes Back - Let our voices be heard!

    We've finally received our answer from the regulators as on July 11 they denied Tesla's request for its equipment to qualify for changing incentives in an order expanding the program. Two other items of note are:

    • The broader order approved expanding the state's direct current fast-charging (DCFC) infrastructure program to make fast-charging plugs at new charging stations eligible for incentives — but said the station must include a standardized plug of equal or greater charging capability as other plugs being installed.

    • Unlike other EV manufacturers, regulators noted "Tesla customers invest in both their EV and the proprietary Tesla charging network when they purchase a vehicle," in a statement accompanying the order. "Tesla may receive these incentives if a standardized plug is co-located at the same site," the commission said.

    In conclusion, this battle looks to not have gone in Tesla's favor, but when has Tesla ever not been driving against a headwind? As another TOCNYS member pointed out, at least some EV companies are getting aid and that does help to achieve Tesla's mission of accelerating the world's transition to renewable energy.

    Click here to read more details over at Utility Dive

  • July 22, 2019 3:52 PM | Joe Moore (Administrator)

    Despite less than ideal weather Friday afternoon and the fact that it was the first day of the Syracuse Nationals car show a couple counties over, 7 Tesla vehicles from TOCNYS owners attended Rochester's weekly Damascus Shrine Cruise Night. Given the less-than-average attendance, the Teslas easily commanded the focus of the faithful who did show up.

    For 3 hours TOCNYS members enthusiastically answered questions, showed off features, and even gave some demo rides. A couple conclusions that are almost inevitably drawn are that 1. Teslas and EVs represent the direction of future cars and related 2. not only are Teslas popular with kids, but kids are very familiar with them.

    Cruise Night organizer Jason S. explained, "On a usual, good night we'll get over 300 cars. There'll be cars filling up this whole parking lot and that field," as he pointed to an area bigger than a football field.

    Because we as a club would both love to see the Damascus Shrine Cruise Night in all of its potential glory and play a part in a "usual, good" night, we're inviting TOCNYS members to participate again this coming Friday night, July 26!

    Click here for more info and to sign up for the event

  • July 18, 2019 3:00 PM | Joe Moore (Administrator)

    Perhaps due to it being a relatively young company or just because it's in the DNA, it's not always easy to find details about Tesla that one would like to know. In light of that fact, we Tesla fans often need to rely on crowd-sourced news gathering to get a clear picture. That has certainly been the case concerning the new Service Center in Henrietta, just south of Rochester.

    Here's what we know:

    Location: 3300 W Henrietta Rd, Rochester, NY 14623 - Right next to TaiChi's Bubble Tea and Sleep City, so you can get some bubble tea while you're waiting for you car to be finished and head next door for a nap if it's really taking a long time!

    Hours: It's not fully operational yet and is open by appointment only for the time being (Wednesdays and Thursdays).

    Staff: This location is not yet permanently staffed. Rather, the Mobile Service Technician from the eastern part of NYS (a good guy named Steve) is there by appointment only.

    Services (not) available: They don't perform any body or paint repairs - and won't when they're finally live. Service King is the perfect solution in this instance, as they are one of the Tesla-approved Body Shops.

    More information: Here is a great thread about the Henrietta Service Center on our forums with more pictures!

  • July 18, 2019 10:19 AM | Joe Moore (Administrator)

    On Saturday, July 13 NYC joined the Niagara Frontier to become the 2nd TOCNYS region to hold its third consecutive monthly Meetup - congratulations! Even the sun came out that day to celebrate :)


    Let's hear from organizer Stephanie D. in how things went:

    There was lots of sunshine and a nice turnout at the New York City meetup on July 13 at Starbucks in Howard Beach. Later a group of folks moved to a spot with more parking and a great water view, with room to open the X’s gull wings and demonstrate the 3’s enhanced summon. Parking and congestion — the perennial New York City challenges!

    Speaking of Stephanie, we want to give a big THANK YOU for all her effort in the cause of EVs, Tesla, and TOCNYS. Due to her gifts of communication and organization and willingness to make things happen, many others in the NYC and Long Island area have had the chance to get together for fellowship of the electric sort that they wouldn't have had otherwise. In the NYC Region, which is home to thousands of Tesla owners, she's pioneered a path that's not only sure to grow, but will most likely become one of the most well-traveled in the Tesla Owners Club New York State!

    TOCNYS Member Keith S and his famous flag made the trip in from Long Island.

  • July 18, 2019 10:06 AM | Joe Moore (Administrator)

    "Tesla updated its online design studio on Monday evening with several changes in pricing and options across its entire lineup.

    Some things become cheaper, others become more expensive, and several variants are going away.

    Over the last year, Tesla has been consistently adjusting its prices, especially in the US as its federal tax credit has been gradually reduced after hitting 200,000 electric car deliveries in the US.

    The automaker has also been frantically adding and removing different variants of its Model 3, Model S and Model X vehicles.

    For example, Tesla dropped its newly introduced ‘Standard Range’ Model S after just 3 weeks before reintroducing it again.

    In a new lineup update today, Tesla killed the ‘Standard Range’ versions of Model S and Model X again..."

    Click here to read the rest of Electrek's article

  • July 17, 2019 1:54 PM | Joe Moore (Administrator)

    This past weekend in Buffalo, one particular corner of one particular strip mall was particularly busy. That happens to be the location of Brennan's Bowery Bar, which was kind enough to host our 2nd Buffalo Tesla Demo Drive Weekend!


    Background: Back in April, TOCNYS invited the Tesla team from Paramus, NJ to allow the good folks of Buffalo to enjoy an experience behind the wheel of a Tesla vehicle. At that time, there were exponentially more sign-ups (~750) than they had capacity to fill (~50), so we invited the Tesla team back to give a chance to those who hadn't the first time 'round.


    To those who attended the July 13/14 event, it was obvious that TOCNYS and the Tesla team had gotten a pretty good system down as there was a steady flow of drivers showing up for their driving reservations, signing-in, taking off, and returning - with a minimum of just-standing-around-waiting. These, interspersed with the regular drive/walk-by visitors curious as to what all these cool cars were doing in front of Brennan's, filled in the margins.

    For those whom the busy Tesla team couldn't get to immediately, the friendly TOCNYS member-volunteers were happy to answer questions, show off their cars, and even give demo rides. Often, the demo riders would go in groups, so that a couple parties were taken care of simultaneously. Oh, the efficiency of it all!

    The only time when things diverged from the official itinerary were around closing time on Sunday (2pm), when several parties of people decided to show at the last minute and the gracious Tesla team and devoted TOCNYS volunteers extended the event an hour to accommodate.

    Speaking of efficiency, the team inside of Brennan's was taking care of business at the same time. Not only were they giving us space to host the event, but they even had a Tesla-themed menu! This author can attest that the tastiness of the "Tesla Tuna Tacos" was truly not trivial!


    The weather back in late April was enough to cause anyone to question the theory of Global Warming (ie: extreme cold & snow). Let's just say however, that the meteorological phenomena must have heard and taken offense because the weather was clear & sunny with a vengeance this past weekend - to which this author's sunburn will attest! That (hot), the wind (strong), and the low-flying passenger jets* from the Buffalo Airport (loud) all made big impressions. in their own way.

    *Unfortunately, those vehicles were not available to test drive.


    Overall, it was a very successful weekend. It's estimated that over 40 demo drives were conducted by the Tesla team (both reserved and walk-in) and another 20 demo rides were given by TOCNYS volunteers. Other notable guests in attendance were an employee of the Buffalo Gigafactory 2, Tesla's mobile service technician that covers Western NY, and... a guy in a Smart car :)

    So goodbye from Brennan's Bowery Bar in Buffalo. The Tesla team has taken their 6 Tesla vehicles and driven the 7 hours back to New Jersey. If these Tesla Demo Drive events were movies, they'd be among the rare ones where the sequel is even better than the original. Perhaps a part 3 in 2020? We'll keep you updated.

    Special thanks to:

    • David R. and the rest of the Paramus NJ Tesla team
    • Jill and Tim from Brennan's Bowery Bar
    • TOCNYS member John W. for organizing the event
    • Tesla Mobile Tech Chris for showing up and fixing a car and conducting an impromptu show-and-tell
    • And the following TOCNYS member volunteers: Anthony B, Kevin B, Anthony C, Dan & Kathy C, Chris G, Patrick H, Robert H, Anthony J, James M, David O, Jeff & Andy P, Dick S, and Kevin V.

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