Breaking News: New TOCNYS Website Around the Corner!

We have some extremely exciting news to share with you! Over the past year, we have been working diligently to create a magical and revolutionary new website experience for our members, a site that we could be beyond proud for them to be a part of. We have listened to you, and have taken both feedback and input to heart.

Our new site will truly lead the way for the TOC program at large. It will host the best forums integration out of any platform available today, allowing for clean & organized topics, abundant features, all while providing a clean and cohesive experience. Event pages and blogs have been completely redesigned offering members a modern interface that enables them to better see what’s happening around the state and how to be a part of it. While the new site will be a complete refresh in many ways, it will still provide familiarity to those who have known it over the years.

Roughly half of members access through mobile devices, which due to our current hosting platform has never been able to provide an intuitive and enjoyable experience. Our new site will be tailored to your device and offer a significantly better experience, regardless of software or hardware.

Our generous paid members have kept the club alive and strong since our inception, simply stated, we wouldn't be where we are without them. As our current site has automatic renewing payments for convenience, once you sign up on our new site, you will maintain your paid level, but need to manually renew when the time comes. And recently as a 501(c)(3), your charitable donations through membership are now tax-deductible!

What you need to know moving forward - Once the new site launches towards the end of this year, we will start emailing members in phases to onboard and assist them to ensure a seamless and smooth process. We’re excited to start off the near year with a new site and cannot wait to discover the bright year ahead with y'all.

- Director of Technology: Tony Conte & Club Manager: Stephen Pallotta

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