Everything you need to know about EV charging.

Adopt a Supercharger Program

Adopting a supercharger ultimately comes down to helping set the example for the Tesla community, and for the community at large. Far too often we arrive at a Supercharger only to see litter all around the stations, which is not an optic that helps the cause of environmentalism or sustainability.

As Tesla owners, we have access to the largest charging network in the world, why not do what we can to show others why we are so passionate.

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As a Tesla owner, you have a variety of convenient charging options that can accommodate your lifestyle and driving needs. Whether you're at home or on the road, you can recharge a Tesla anywhere with access to an outlet.

Charging Guide

Everything you need to know about charging. Created by TOCNYS Member John W.


Charging Support Guide

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Tesla's Superchargers

Find all the Supercharging locations across the US.

Tesla US Supercharger Map