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  • March 30, 2022 10:12 AM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    As you may be aware, under the Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act, New York State created  a Climate Action Council (CAC) charged with developing a scoping plan of recommendations to meet the state’s GHG emissions targets and place New York on a path toward carbon neutrality. The CAC recently released their draft scoping plan, which included expanding direct-to-consumer sales of zero-emission vehicles (bottom of page 103). The CAC is now going to hold public meetings across the state for the public to provide feedback on the plan. We urgently need at least one member to speak in strong support of expanding direct-to-consumer sales of zero-emission vehicles at each of the Council’s 10 public hearings. We are expecting those in opposition to direct sales to come out in full force to oppose its inclusion in the final plan, and therefore, we must make our presence known & voice strong!

    Pre-Registration for Draft Scoping Plan Public Hearings 

    To pre-register to speak during the upcoming Scoping Plan public hearings scheduled from April 5th through May 11th and to learn more about the meeting dates/locations, click here. Please note that there will also be two virtual meetings. 

    Once you have signed up, please fill out this tracking Google document and respond to this email with the meeting(s) you will be joining. We will then separately provide talking points for the scoping plan hearings.  

    - Club Manager: Stephen Pallotta

  • March 25, 2022 5:12 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    Tesla Owners Club of New York State proudly announces a new sponsorship from Joulez. Our first New York-based Tesla rental operator that is pushing to expand New York’s transition to Teslas, EV Charging infrastructure and an all EV Future! They want you to become a shareholder of the future of EV rentals by joining them on StartEngine with only 5 days left before the campaign ends. They have raised over $300K so far with that money going straight to putting Teslas on the road in New York.

    What is Joulez? 

    Joulez was started by serial entrepreneur Micah Bergdale who previously built Bytemark, a mobility app platform that supported mass transit operators around the globe. Bytemark was acquired by Siemens AG in 2019 with a significant multi-million dollar return for its original investors. Micah knows how to build unique software for the world of transportation, scale the company up and then create a valuable exit for shareholders. Joulez is built on the premise that an all Electric Vehicle fleet can be successful as a business model, and we know the TOCNYS community believes this too, which is why we need your support in these last 5 days.

    Joulez Offer to TOCNYS Members

    It’s easy to invest on StartEngine for as little as $100. StartEngine is the investment platform supported by Kevin O’Leary ie Mr. Wonderful on Shark Tank. Through March 29, TOCNYS members can earn the following bonuses for themselves by supporting Joulez

    $5,000 = 105% Bonus Shares or the equivalent of $0.48/share 

    $10,000 = 110% Bonus Shares or the equivalent of $0.47/share

    $20,000 = 120% Bonus Shares or the equivalent of $0.45/share

    $50,000 = 150% Bonus Shares or the equivalent of $0.40/share

    More About Joulez

    Joulez’s mission is to make EVs accessible to everyone starting in New York but with plans to expand nationally. Joulez will also be opening up its platform Turo style to allow for Tesla owners to rent their vehicles on our platform where Joulez will manage the entire process from pickup, delivery, cleaning, insurance and storage. We are the only rental operation in New York to be dedicated to the mission of getting Teslas and EVs at large into the hands of more drivers. To stay up to date, visit us at drivejoulez.com.


    You can contact the CEO, Micah Bergdale, directly at micah@drivejoulez.com if you have any questions about Joulez or the StartEngine campaign.

  • March 11, 2022 11:33 AM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)
    A bill in the NY legislature would require EV charging stations or capable parking spaces in new construction or substantial rehabilitation. The bill has been reconciled between the Senate and the Assembly and would go into effect 60 days after the governor signs it. Rehabilitation is two or more major building elements or 15% of the post-rehabilitation value, or $6,500 per unit for multi-family units.

    The requirement is for one-, two-, or three-family homes with a garage, driveway, parking lot, or off-street parking to have at least one EV capable parking space. Capable parking spaces must have electrical wiring, electric panels, and spaces for such.

    Homes for more than 3 families and 2 to 10 parking spaces must have 75% as EV capable and 20% with chargers. Those with more than 11 spaces must have 100% capable spaces and 40% chargers. Commercial buildings with 2 to 10 parking spaces must have 100% capable and 20% with a charger (40A, 208-240V). Those with more than 11 spaces must have 40% or the same chargers. Also, for these buildings, a 400-900V DC fast charge station is equivalent to five lower voltage chargers.

    To show your support, go to https://www.nysenate.gov/legislation/bills/2021/a3179/amendment/b?utm_content=PANTHEON_STRIPPED&utm_source=PANTHEON_STRIPPED&utm_medium=PANTHEON_STRIPPED&utm_campaign=PANTHEON_STRIPPED&intent=support and indicate your support for these bills.

  • March 11, 2022 10:48 AM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    Tesla Owners Club of New York State proudly announces a new sponsorship from Tenet. Our first Climate FinTech partnership allows us to strengthen and accelerate New York’s transition to sustainable energy!

    What is Tenet? 

    As Tesla owners know, electric vehicles hold their value a lot better than gas vehicles. Tenet helps you save monthly with low interest rates and by offering lower monthly payments in exchange for a larger final payment, banking on the higher residual value of your car. 

    Exclusive Offer for TOCNYS Members

    It’s easy to check your refinance offers within 5 minutes at Tenet. Through April 1st, TOCNYS members can earn the following bonuses for themselves and the club for refinancing: 

     Friend/Chill Members = $50 for owner / $250 for club 

     Supporter Level Members = $100 for owner / $250 for the club 

     Plaid Members = $200 for owner / $200 for the club 

    In May, Tenet will offer new loans for vehicle purchase. The pilot is currently available to TOCNYS members, please email sofia@tenet.com for access to the pilot. 

    About Tenet 

    Tenet Energy, Inc.’s mission is to make the sustainable choice the economic choice. Tenet is the financial platform for a climate positive lifestyle, starting with electric vehicle financing. The company is the first to offer auto loans that appropriately acknowledge the higher residual value of electric vehicles. To learn more, visit us at tenet.com/about.

  • January 07, 2022 12:55 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    Unity, strength, and perseverance… three characteristics that have helped create the great nation of the United States that it is today, three characteristics that are reflective of the truly great members of TOCNYS. The time has come again to make our voices heard, to inform our state leaders of what their constituents want to see come to be!

    As you may know, Tesla is limited to just five stores for all of New York State, ultimately forcing New Yorkers to drive up to 6 hours to the nearest delivery location. With all five sales locations located downstate, this leaves out a massive group of potential EV owners.

    It is our mission to help accelerate the transition to sustainable energy in New York, but we cannot do this when the best-selling EV manufacture is being constrained due to antiquated legislation. As a club, we have fought hard to promote direct sales for EVs, but the battle continues.

    As progressive as New York is, it ranks 23rd in electric vehicles per capita, and lags behind Florida by over 50%. This will not change unless action from the public is taken, and the time to take action is now. An article published recently in Bloomberg shows just how important direct sales has been to electric vehicle adoption around the country: https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2022-01-05/car-dealership-laws-aren-t-fit-for-the-ev-age

    We are calling on you and all TOCNYS members to send a message to Governor Hochul and legislative leaders informing them what this issue means to you as a New Yorker and urging them to update a policy that is holding New York back from its potential. The more voices heard, the greater the weight they hold, we highly encourage you to pass this message onto other Tesla owners, co-workers, friends, and family to support the mission as well and to secure a better tomorrow.

  • January 07, 2022 12:19 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    According to the CDC, more than 100,000 children are injured in car accidents in the U.S. every year, and more than 500 kids under 12 who are involved in car crashes each year won’t walk away. Despite the risks, parents still engage in dangerous driving habits with kids in the car.

    While letting an elementary schooler ride shotgun or answering a call behind the wheel may seem harmless at the moment, little decisions like these can put an entire family’s safety at risk.

    Courtesy of TOCNYS, here are six common car safety mistakes to avoid if you want to keep your kids safe in the car.

    Putting Off Repairs and Maintenance

    Worn-out tires, brakes, and incorrect alignments, make it harder to steer and stop your car. In a dangerous situation, your car maintenance habits could make the difference between driving away safely or getting in a collision. Keep up with routine car maintenance in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations, like rotating your tires and replacing worn wiper blades.

    A key to keeping your auto in good running condition is parking it in a garage, where it isn’t exposed to the elements 24/7 and the occasional outside mishap, such as falling limbs, is negated. If you don’t currently have a garage, consider building one. In addition to protecting your car, a garage is near the top of the list when it comes to attractive amenities, adding to your home’s value come time to sell.

    Drive Calm

    It should come as no surprise that driving under stress raises your chances of an accident. Instead, try to remain as calm as possible. ZenBusiness offers some tips, like being mindful of your surroundings and taking deep breaths. Listening to your favorite music can be helpful as Well!

    Not Buckling Up

    According to a survey by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, of the 844 children who died in car accidents in 2019, 209 weren’t buckled up. The simple act of putting on a seatbelt dramatically reduces the chance of serious injury in a car accident, but don’t count on kids to take the initiative. Always perform a visual check to ensure everyone is buckled up before driving off.

    Graduating to Seat Belts Too Soon

    As Safewise explains, seat belts can only do their job when fitted properly. Before your child graduates out of a booster seat, make sure they’re tall enough to sit with their back against the seat, their feet on the floor, and the seat belt strap snug across their shoulder.

    Not Keeping Kids Rear-facing as Long as Possible

    Before booster seats enter the picture, your kids will graduate from a rear-facing car seat to a forward-facing one. But when? Guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics instruct parents to keep children rear-facing as long as possible. Instead of turning around at age 2, children should use a rear-facing seat as long as their height and weight is within the car seat manufacturer’s limits.

    Parenting From the Driver’s Seat

    One reason parents switch to forward-facing car seats sooner than recommended is that it’s more convenient to interact with forward-facing kids, whether it’s to hand pacifiers and toys to the back seat, soothe a crying baby, or stop siblings from squabbling. In reality, these are things parents shouldn’t be doing in the first place. Your eyes should be on the road when driving, not paying attention to what’s happening in the backseat. Check that your children are set up comfortably before starting the car. If you need to assist kids in transit, pull over to a safe area first.

    As parents, we want to do everything we can to keep our children safe and sound. When it comes to road safety, this means making sure your vehicle is in top-notch condition. Most importantly, keeping the kids safe during transport means insisting on a seatbelt, whether it’s while sitting in a car seat or for an older child who’s sized just right for booster-free rides.

    Modern cars do a great job of keeping us safe, with safety features like lane departure warning, back-up cameras, and blind-spot detection, not to mention their top-tier crash ratings. However, auto manufacturers can only do so much. Staying safe behind the wheel also relies on you. Make sure you’re practicing safe driving habits so your family can enjoy the ride worry-free.

    TOCNYS strives to provide a statewide community for: promotion of EV adoption and acceleration towards sustainability, sharing information and insight through education to members and the general public, and providing events for club engagement. Call (518) 218-6715.

  • January 05, 2022 8:01 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    A few weeks ago, a representative from a company I have yet to hear of reached out to us and asked if we’d be interested in partnering with them in some fashion. Jowua, an aftermarket accessory company, contains the goal of creating & developing products, which enhance the Tesla driving experience… and from the three products they sent for our unbiased review, I’d say they have a good chance of continuing to bring that goal to light.

    For transparency, we did not pay for these items, and no partnership exists as of the writing/publication of this blog. The purpose of this entry is to provide an unbiased look at some products you may never have heard of, and see if they are worth your hard earned dollars. These three items will be provided to members at an event in the near future as a gift for being the great supporters of the club that they are.

    As an Apple “fanboy” in my past life, and still a strong tech enthusiast, I have grown to be a slight box snob, meaning… presentation of product should provide a strong glimpse of what to expect before it even touches your hands. Jowua provided three items for our review, all for the refreshed Model 3 and Model Y: USB Hub with LED Light for Tesla ($69.95), Center Console Organizer ($25.95), and Cup Holder ($19).

    Center Console Organizer: I suppose the inner child in me went for the biggest box first, the center console organizer. First impressions, not great, the box looked cheap… just a basic slightly washed-out black cardboard box, held together by a piece of shipping tape. The box has a sticker on the outside of it with an “x-ray” of the product, material info, as well as identification that it’s for the 2021 refresh.


    Well you and I didn’t come here to talk about the box, how’s the product? Great! First thought that comes to mind is sturdy, this sucker can be used to defend yourself if a pack of wild coyotes were to try and attack you, seriously it is one sturdy little tray! In a world of plastic, it’s nice to have something that feels a little less… plastic. 

    A great feature of this organization tray is the removable “food-grade” silicone insert, although I’d refrain from eating cereal out of it on your way to work in the morning. The silicon insert is also “sturdy” once in the plastic shell, and is held in fairly well, so having to worry about it accidentally coming out of the shell shouldn’t be a concern.

    USB Hub with LED Light for Tesla: Although being pleasantly surprised by the build quality of the tray organizer, I was still upset over the box situation, having a sticker on a box just feels so…. cheap… especially on a product that goes for around $26. 


    Looking at the next two boxes, my next decision came by which one looked better (how shallow… yes.. I know), and that goes to the packaging of the USB Hub with LED Light, which is a night and day difference from the tray organizer. The packaging appears to be designed around the product, the way it should be, not just an afterthought. The “x-ray” of the product and all necessary information is actually printed in a nice peaceful gray on a white box, it truly looks very nice.

    Opening the box is a much more pleasant experience as well, a small piece of quality adhesive keeps everything closed. Upon opening the box, you’re presented with a blueprint of the product showing where all functional items are located and what they are. While maybe not 100% necessary, it is very well done, very user friendly. 

    After lifting this tab you’re then presented with the actual product, which gives you a minimalist iron man vibe… everything is clean, functional, well put together, and does what it claims. Once plugged in, you’ll have magically turned two USB-C ports into three USB-A and two USB-C ports, as well as a bright LED to light up the abyss that is the center console. 


    Cup Holder: And then there was one item left, the cup holder. What’s that.. food-grade silicone again, you know it! Now you can put your cereal & milk in your center console organizer, and your orange juice directly into the cup holder, no more cups required! Alright, jokes aside, just like the tray organizer and USB Hub, this item is also well-constructed, and too has the “Jowua” name on it. If you are wild enough to bring food and/or beverages into your Tesla, or have a little one(s) that request to or they will raise up Dante's Inferno, this is an item you may want to look into. 

    While this won’t prevent spills once the beverage is in your hand, it will definitely help hold the container snuggly in place. Any drips that may roll down the side will be contained within the holder, which can easily be removed and washed.

    One potential problem I see with this product- If you are putting an oversized container in the cup holder. I can see it squishing into the silicone, which would then make the whole product lift with the beverage container. This most likely won’t be a problem for the majority of bottles, but for anything that just makes the fit normally, this could be an issue.

    In summary, Jowua offers some compelling products. They aren’t “cheap,” but the quality seems to justify making your wallet a little lighter. You can look forward to TOCNYS working with Jowua to provide paid members with a discount so they can discover more products by this up-and-coming aftermarket accessory resource.

  • December 20, 2021 9:10 AM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    We have some extremely exciting news to share with you! Over the past year, we have been working diligently to create a magical and revolutionary new website experience for our members, a site that we could be beyond proud for them to be a part of. We have listened to you, and have taken both feedback and input to heart.

    Our new site will truly lead the way for the TOC program at large. It will host the best forums integration out of any platform available today, allowing for clean & organized topics, abundant features, all while providing a clean and cohesive experience. Event pages and blogs have been completely redesigned offering members a modern interface that enables them to better see what’s happening around the state and how to be a part of it. While the new site will be a complete refresh in many ways, it will still provide familiarity to those who have known it over the years.

    Roughly half of members access TOCNYS.org through mobile devices, which due to our current hosting platform has never been able to provide an intuitive and enjoyable experience. Our new site will be tailored to your device and offer a significantly better experience, regardless of software or hardware.

    Our generous paid members have kept the club alive and strong since our inception, simply stated, we wouldn't be where we are without them. As our current site has automatic renewing payments for convenience, once you sign up on our new site, you will maintain your paid level, but need to manually renew when the time comes. And recently as a 501(c)(3), your charitable donations through membership are now tax-deductible!

    What you need to know moving forward - Once the new site launches towards the end of this year, we will start emailing members in phases to onboard and assist them to ensure a seamless and smooth process. We’re excited to start off the near year with a new site and cannot wait to discover the bright year ahead with y'all.

    - Director of Technology: Tony Conte & Club Manager: Stephen Pallotta

  • December 10, 2021 1:10 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    This past Wednesday the weather was snowy and the roads were covered with wet slush that was very greasy and slippery.  

    I have had my Tesla for over a year and absolutely love it and didn't even put winter tires on last winter because it handles so well in the snow.  

    I had to take my daughter to a doctor's appointment on Wednesday afternoon and spun out twice within 10 minutes - actually ended up facing the wrong way on the highway both times.  It was terrifying.  I have no idea how we didn't hit someone or be hit by someone.  We could have easily been killed.  I couldn't figure out why this was happening.  I kept telling my daughter if you are ever on road conditions like - never hit your brakes because that will spin you out.  I never hit my brakes, yet I was spinning out and fish tailing.  It was terrifying.  

    We figured it out....

    This past Spring I discovered the regenerative braking option and absolutely love it!!  It's a new way to drive and it's awesome.....  except on slippery roads.  Every time I let off the accelerator at all, in effect, I was hitting the brakes and doing exactly what I was telling my daughter to never do.  

    My husband figured it out and from now on I will turn off that feature on bad roads, BUT I could have been killed and could have killed my daughter because of that feature.

  • November 16, 2021 10:05 AM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    We have some incredible news about the growth and advancement of the Tesla Owners Club of New York StateAs of today, we are a 501(c)(3) Charitable organization! This is consistent with the great educational and humanitarian works our club members have done.  
    it means for you as a member:  

    • Donors to TOCNYS can deduct their contribution on their federal tax returns. 
    • We encourage you to donate to help grow our club. 
    • For this holiday season you may donate as a gift on behalf of family or friends who support our missions and causes.
    • If your employer matches your contribution, this doubles your impact to accelerate New York’s Transition to Sustainable Energy!

    it means for the Tesla Owners Club of New York State: 

    • Donations help benefit and grow our club in many ways...
    • First, donations help us sustain a statewide community for the promotion of EV adoption and acceleration towards sustainability
    • Second, they help us share information and insights through education to members and the general public.
    • Third, they help us provide the structure needed to develop events, workshops, and community charity for club engagement. 
    • Lastly, freeing our organization from paying taxes, allowing us to provide more value in attaining our vision!

    We look forward to continuing to provide updates as the club expands, and as always, we appreciate your continued support!

    Warm regards,


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