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Our Mission is to encourage EV adoption & acceleration towards sustainability in New York State. We believe in an electric low carbon future. Our club will strive to provide a statewide community for sharing information for everyone interested in helping promote EV adoption, and educate the pubic about EV's and sustainability. Tesla Owners Club of New York State will provide fun events for our members throughout the year and keep members informed about EV developments. We will provide opportunities to gather and share our EV experiences, discuss tricks /tips and pointers for better range, share EV insights through education to fellow owners, enthusiasts, as well as the general public.

Our club strives to provide a statewide community for: promotion of EV adoption and acceleration towards sustainability, sharing information and insight through education to members and the general public, and provide events for club engagement.

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Tesla Owners Club New York State is a special, targeted group of early adopters marked by their high standards in performance, style, technology, and sustainability - all living locally within the borders of NY State.

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