This Week in Tesla: Laser Windshield Wiper Patent Approved, 25k Tesla Hatchback Rumors

25k Tesla Hatchback Rumors -

There have been rumors for a while, backed up by Tesla itself, that the automaker will eventually produce a small, cheap hatchback. This is crucial because while the Model 3 can be affordable for some, it is still a relatively expensive vehicle and considered a luxury car. Making a more affordable car would be great for Tesla’s financials and the brand image. Despite the Model 3 and Model Y, many still think that the cheapest Tesla costs upwards of $50,000. There have also been rumors that Tesla will release this car as their first entirely autonomous car, with no steering wheel, but regulators will likely not allow that for quite some time.

Laser Windshield Wiper Patent Approved -

A couple years ago, Tesla submitted a patent for a complex laser system to be used in place of windshield wipers, presumably for the Roadster. This week, the patent was approved, likely meaning that we may see this technology come to fruition at some point. It is very cool that despite being the largest EV automaker, Tesla continues to innovate on all fronts. Windshield wipers can become an issue with aerodynamics, often resulting in unwanted drag. Using lasers as a replacement would definitely be cool, but it is unsure whether or not we will see this implemented in the near future.

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