Invest in the Market’s Only Tesla & EV Dedicated Rental Operation

We are proud to announce the newest Gold Sponsor of TOCNYS, Joulez, the city's first New York-based Tesla and EV rental operator. Since our previous email announcement just a few months ago, Joulez doubled their StartEngine raise, ending the round at over $600,000, and opened two locations at Queens Center Mall and Bronx Terminal Market. They’ve since begun generating over $100,000 in monthly revenue, and they’ve recently begun their second round of funding through Wefunder.

Joulez Wefunder Offer to TOCNYS Members:

  • Investment Opportunities: Round two of their crowdfunding is open, and you can invest now on Wefunder for as little as $250. Investing in Joulez offers exclusive, tiered investor perks for those who are eager to help bring sustainable energy and EV access to consumers across the country.
  • Income Generation: TOCNYS Members can earn passive income by renting out their Tesla through the Joulez platform (similar to Turo). Joulez manages the entire process including pickup, delivery, cleaning, insurance, and even storage (if pertinent) to make it simple for Tesla owners.
  • Industry Disruption: Joulez is revolutionizing the way people rent cars. Unlike traditional car rental companies that provide a subpar customer service experience, Joulez delivers a modern, convenient, and luxury EV rental experience.

Have Questions:

You are welcome to directly contact the CEO, Micah Bergdale, directly at if you have any questions about Joulez or the open Wefunder campaign.

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