Make Your Voice Heard: The Time to Take Action Is Now

Unity, strength, and perseverance… three characteristics that have helped create the great nation of the United States that it is today, three characteristics that are reflective of the truly great members of TOCNYS. The time has come again to make our voices heard, to inform our state leaders of what their constituents want to see come to be!

As you may know, Tesla is limited to just five stores for all of New York State, ultimately forcing New Yorkers to drive up to 6 hours to the nearest delivery location. With all five sales locations located downstate, this leaves out a massive group of potential EV owners.

It is our mission to help accelerate the transition to sustainable energy in New York, but we cannot do this when the best-selling EV manufacture is being constrained due to antiquated legislation. As a club, we have fought hard to promote direct sales for EVs, but the battle continues.

As progressive as New York is, it ranks 23rd in electric vehicles per capita, and lags behind Florida by over 50%. This will not change unless action from the public is taken, and the time to take action is now. An article published recently in Bloomberg shows just how important direct sales has been to electric vehicle adoption around the country:

We are calling on you and all TOCNYS members to send a message to Governor Hochul and legislative leaders informing them what this issue means to you as a New Yorker and urging them to update a policy that is holding New York back from its potential. The more voices heard, the greater the weight they hold, we highly encourage you to pass this message onto other Tesla owners, co-workers, friends, and family to support the mission as well and to secure a better tomorrow.

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