Introducing Tesla Owners Club New York State (TOCNYS) Sunglasses!

As a Tesla owner, have you ever wondered how awesome it would be if other aspects of your life could be as cool as your car? What about your face, for example? Yeah, it probably looks ok already, but billions of people have 2 eyes, a nose, and a mouth. What if there was a high-tech, yet tasteful way to enhance your face to match your wheels? Look no further: introducing the TOCNYS sunglasses...

TOCNYS has officially launched a collection of premium Polarized Photochromic sunglasses that are designed with influence from S3XY Tesla vehicles and the needs of Tesla drivers in mind. Prescription lenses are available, as well as silver flash mirror lenses and/or extended temple lengths.

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Keep in mind that these sunglasses are only available to Tesla Owners Club NYS members, so if you're a Tesla owner living in NYS, you can register for free to be a member. All sales proceeds go to the club to support its operations and club activities.

*** Satisfaction guaranteed: you have seven days after receipt to return the sunglasses in original packaging for a full refund (shipping excluded). No refund if the sunglasses has been fitted, altered, or damaged. ***

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