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A few weeks ago, a representative from a company I have yet to hear of reached out to us and asked if we’d be interested in partnering with them in some fashion. Jowua, an aftermarket accessory company, contains the goal of creating & developing products, which enhance the Tesla driving experience… and from the three products they sent for our unbiased review, I’d say they have a good chance of continuing to bring that goal to light.

For transparency, we did not pay for these items, and no partnership exists as of the writing/publication of this blog. The purpose of this entry is to provide an unbiased look at some products you may never have heard of, and see if they are worth your hard earned dollars. These three items will be provided to members at an event in the near future as a gift for being the great supporters of the club that they are.

As an Apple “fanboy” in my past life, and still a strong tech enthusiast, I have grown to be a slight box snob, meaning… presentation of product should provide a strong glimpse of what to expect before it even touches your hands. Jowua provided three items for our review, all for the refreshed Model 3 and Model Y: USB Hub with LED Light for Tesla ($69.95), Center Console Organizer ($25.95), and Cup Holder ($19).

Center Console Organizer: I suppose the inner child in me went for the biggest box first, the center console organizer. First impressions, not great, the box looked cheap… just a basic slightly washed-out black cardboard box, held together by a piece of shipping tape. The box has a sticker on the outside of it with an “x-ray” of the product, material info, as well as identification that it’s for the 2021 refresh.


Well you and I didn’t come here to talk about the box, how’s the product? Great! First thought that comes to mind is sturdy, this sucker can be used to defend yourself if a pack of wild coyotes were to try and attack you, seriously it is one sturdy little tray! In a world of plastic, it’s nice to have something that feels a little less… plastic. 

A great feature of this organization tray is the removable “food-grade” silicone insert, although I’d refrain from eating cereal out of it on your way to work in the morning. The silicon insert is also “sturdy” once in the plastic shell, and is held in fairly well, so having to worry about it accidentally coming out of the shell shouldn’t be a concern.

USB Hub with LED Light for Tesla: Although being pleasantly surprised by the build quality of the tray organizer, I was still upset over the box situation, having a sticker on a box just feels so…. cheap… especially on a product that goes for around $26. 


Looking at the next two boxes, my next decision came by which one looked better (how shallow… yes.. I know), and that goes to the packaging of the USB Hub with LED Light, which is a night and day difference from the tray organizer. The packaging appears to be designed around the product, the way it should be, not just an afterthought. The “x-ray” of the product and all necessary information is actually printed in a nice peaceful gray on a white box, it truly looks very nice.

Opening the box is a much more pleasant experience as well, a small piece of quality adhesive keeps everything closed. Upon opening the box, you’re presented with a blueprint of the product showing where all functional items are located and what they are. While maybe not 100% necessary, it is very well done, very user friendly. 

After lifting this tab you’re then presented with the actual product, which gives you a minimalist iron man vibe… everything is clean, functional, well put together, and does what it claims. Once plugged in, you’ll have magically turned two USB-C ports into three USB-A and two USB-C ports, as well as a bright LED to light up the abyss that is the center console. 


Cup Holder: And then there was one item left, the cup holder. What’s that.. food-grade silicone again, you know it! Now you can put your cereal & milk in your center console organizer, and your orange juice directly into the cup holder, no more cups required! Alright, jokes aside, just like the tray organizer and USB Hub, this item is also well-constructed, and too has the “Jowua” name on it. If you are wild enough to bring food and/or beverages into your Tesla, or have a little one(s) that request to or they will raise up Dante's Inferno, this is an item you may want to look into. 

While this won’t prevent spills once the beverage is in your hand, it will definitely help hold the container snuggly in place. Any drips that may roll down the side will be contained within the holder, which can easily be removed and washed.

One potential problem I see with this product- If you are putting an oversized container in the cup holder. I can see it squishing into the silicone, which would then make the whole product lift with the beverage container. This most likely won’t be a problem for the majority of bottles, but for anything that just makes the fit normally, this could be an issue.

In summary, Jowua offers some compelling products. They aren’t “cheap,” but the quality seems to justify making your wallet a little lighter. You can look forward to TOCNYS working with Jowua to provide paid members with a discount so they can discover more products by this up-and-coming aftermarket accessory resource.

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