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  • July 14, 2020 9:28 AM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    No, it was far from the same old story when the Niagara Frontier section’s group drive visited Chestnut Ridge Park in Orchard Park on Saturday, July 11, 2020. This was only the second one for this chunk of TOCNYS, following up last month’s successful caravan to historic Lockport. Except with a yawn antidote of a surprise our group has never seen. . . .

    This time we converged on “Chargetowaga,” a/k/a the new(ish) Supercharger in Cheektowaga, just outside the City of Buffalo. Sixteen of us arrived in Model 3s and, for the first time at a Niagara Frontier meetup, a bristling new dual motor AWD Model Y, from Wyoming County. In fact, it was the daughter of new TOCNYS member Nate Spencer behind the wheel, along with one other teen passenger, making the surprise entrance that earned this trio of newcomers instant celebrity status.

    Ludicrous members Christy Williams-Wood and Kevin Blake approach the just-hatched hatch. Photo by Andy Porcelli 

     New members Nate Spencer and John Hudson behind Nate’s new Tesla. Photo by Andy Porcelli 

    Just like any Supercharger meetup, everyone got a chance to meet and greet for at least half an hour. Also in the crowd was another newcomer who gave his E-ZPass the biggest workout: John Hudson, all the way from Onandaga County. Along with Niagara County local Wally Smith and his granddaughter from the Carolinas, we welcomed other top-notch owners including Ludicrous members Kenny Martin from Tonawanda, Eric Milligan and his son from East Amherst, and Andy’s father Jeff Porcelli from Clarence Center.

    Everyone (besides Andy), preparing for lift-off. Photo by Andy Porcelli 

    The weather cooperated and we shuffled off southerly by 10:35. It was Yours Truly leading the pack again, but take note that this role is always up for grabs!

    That probably wasn’t a concern during the steady procession down Union Road, or even through the Cazenovia Creek Wildlife Management Area, where Leydecker Road makes a narrow swoop down and across the creek bed. It was a bit later, when Kreskin would have made for a great co-pilot. That’s because our first turn from there was coned off for construction.


    Detoured but undeterred. Photo by Andy Porcelli 

    No problem. We stopped on the shoulder for a one-time mass-up, getting the attention of a resident who asked whose birthday it was. As I jogged from car to car, telling everyone we would just head straight and hang a right, I asked him if maybe our exhaust fumes were a problem. He really did seem wowed by all of those vehicles arriving and leaving without a sound!

    You gotta luv having a Model Y in the mix! Photo by Andy Porcelli 

    Okay, maybe there was a problem. Since the in-car nav and web browser both cannot give turn-by-turn voice directions for a custom route in Google Maps, we have been counting on opening the map in the Google Maps Go app. Only it decided not to resume the route automatically after the detour, making it just a bit tricky to drive solo and keep an eye out for the next turn visually. One of our members suggested a workaround; unfortunately I had my hands full at the time, even with FSD.

    We were doing fine, though, winding our way through pretty rural stretches roughly along Cazenovia Creek and into the Town of Aurora (a nice tune by Azymuth, if anyone is into Brazilian fusion, but I digress!). What happened next on the secluded stretch through Knox Farm State Park won the popular vote, hands down: a cyclist all decked out in Lycra and approaching us gave Tour-de-France-grade victory punches as soon as he noticed the Tesla parade.

    That thrill of victory highlight gave way fast, in the thick of a wooded residential area, where I made a wrong turn at a Y in the road (not a Model Y!). This ended up splitting the pack into at least two but we were relatively close to the destination. The sky was still sort of clear, we made it to the scenic overlook with a hazy view of Buffalo and Niagara Falls on the horizon, and everyone gathered for some of future owner Andy’s drone shots.

    Just prior to a little fine-tuning of the parking. Photo by Andy Porcelli 

    Loyal members Kenny MartinAnthony Bartolotta and Kevin Blake. Photo by John P. Weiksnar 

    A few minutes later it poured. Still, our second-ever group drive was another “Yeah, Baby!” of a winner. Stay tuned for our August plans, and thanks to all who took part in this ride to yonder.

    Who brought their rain gear? Photo by Andy Porcelli 

    -John P. Weiksnar, Niagara Frontier R.O.

  • July 13, 2020 11:22 AM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    It was a B-E-A-Utiful night on Saturday July 11, 2020 on the grounds of The Tesla Science CenterIt was there where the US Premiere of the film, Tesla took place in a drive-in format. Nikola Tesla, on screen, towered above the grounds, where Tesla's machine once towered above the grounds.

    Tesla, Starring Ethan Hawke as Nikola Tesla, tells the story of a freewheeling take on a visionary and his interactions with Thomas Edison and J.P. Morgan's daughter Anne, and his breakthroughs in transmitting electrical power and light.

    It's a B-E-A-Utiful feeling to visit the place where a favorite story of yours took place, and at The Tesla Science Center, it's also where a big part of Tesla's own story took place. Part of the reason why The Tesla Science Center is developing the site into a transformative global science center is due to the fact that it: embraces his bold spirit of invention, provides innovative learning experiences, and fosters the advancement of new technologies all in order to preserve his story and legacy.

    Thanks to the filmmakers and cast, the legacy of Nikola Tesla is ever-expanding. Over 60 Vehicles came to the grounds, some of those 60 were even Tesla’s namesake, Tesla vehicles. They Came, they Saw, and they watched. Tesla Owners, and the other vehicle owners came together for a B-E-A-Utiful Night. But it wasn’t just the movie they saw, The pre-movie show included a demonstration of a colossal 17 Foot Tesla Coil being demoed and streamed. Then came ArcAttack, which you have got to see!

    In conclusion, we came, we saw! Here at The Tesla Science Center, the attitude isn’t, “If we build it, they will come,” it’s because people are coming to this place, they are building it.

    Click Here to learn more about The Tesla Science Center 

    Shared Google Photos Album - (Please add any Photos & Videos you took at Event here)

    Event After Action Report -

  • July 08, 2020 6:57 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    Elon Musk Walks Away From SEC Settlement Richer -

    In 2018, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the company had secured funding to take the company private at $420 a share. The SEC saw this as a punishable offense, costing both Tesla and Musk $20 million each, as well as forcing Musk to step down from his role as the chairman of the board. Elon felt that the $20 million punishment for the company was unfair, as he is the one who wrote and sent the tweet. To help the company out, Elon bought $20 million worth of Tesla stock, and he has actually made money off of the stock he purchased then. With Tesla’s stock recently reaching new heights, over $1,400 a share, Musk made close to $100 million on the stock that he bought at the time of the settlement. Ultimately, Musk made about $60 million from sending that tweet on top of recouping the original millions he was fined. 

    Sentry Mode Used to Help Try to Solve Attempted Murder -

    Someone recently tried to burn down the house of the Mayor of Sandefjord, Norway and it has sparked a surprisingly modern investigation. Seeing as how Norway is the country with the highest percentage of Tesla’s sold compared to other cars, and 60% of new cars sold in the country are electric, it means that there are cameras all over the streets. The cameras are not typical CCTV cameras, but rather cameras on the front, rear and sides of Tesla’s parked everywhere. The Sandefjord police are currently trying to use the footage captured from nearby Tesla’s with Sentry Mode activated to identify the perpetrator. In much of Norway, street parking is free for electric cars, and there are several EV chargers located at street parking spots, so many EV owners choose to park their cars overnight on the street, and let them charge on Norway’s 98% green energy. This means that every time a car drives by, or someone walks by a street parked Tesla with Sentry Mode enabled, a video is captured from all angles, possibly allowing the police to identify either the car that the perpetrator was driving, or even the identity of the perpetrator themselves. This surprisingly futuristic look into how modern technology can benefit not only the owner of the car, but the public at large is a great insight into why features such as these set Tesla apart from the competition.

  • July 06, 2020 1:03 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    It was another B-E-A-Utiful Long Island Day in The Hamptons at The Southampton Supercharger on Sunday July 5, 2020. It was at this location where members of TOCNYS, Tesla owners who needed to charge, and even a couple of Tesla Employees experienced The Tesla Concerto!

    With the power of my FM Transmitter, we tuned into the playlist, and at peak, had 5 Tesla’s Syncing some great tunes. We had Rock, Country, Pop, and even some Orchestral!

    Teslas are known to have some of the best sound systems available, but it’s not that often that you get to enjoy it when your outside your car. With the right settings, you can basically turn your Tesla into a giant portable concert.

    Not only did we bring on the good tunes, but we also had some good food and beverages there as well. Members brought Yoo-hoo, Banana’s, cupcakes, crackers with cheese and cold cuts, and more!

    Together we sat in the shade with our folding chairs, listened to the music, talk with one another, and hydrated and nourished for a few hours.

    It was the first in which I hope to be many Tesla Concertos. Theoretically, you could have an infinite amount of Tesla’s in sync, as many that could fit within the range of my 300-meter radius of my FM transmitter. And of course even more with a more powerful FM Transmitter!

    Tesla Concerto Playlist -
    Tesla Concerto Light Show Music -
    Media Songs -

    Shared Google Photos Album - (Please add any Photos & Videos you took at Event here)

    Event After Action Report - (Please leave any feedback you have here, to help us make future events even more fun!)

  • July 02, 2020 2:14 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    Valet Crashes Tesla Model S -

    This week, in San Antonio, a valet at a luxury resort decided to take a customer’s Model S for a joy ride, and use the new launch mode. It turns out that the 2.3 second 0-60 time on the Model S was too fast for him, as he crashed in the parking lot. Luckily, the Tesla owners were able to get the video recording of the accident via the built in dashcam in the Model S. This video was put on Reddit by the owner of the Tesla, who likely was not very happy after this happened to his Model S. Although the Valet is at fault in this situation, it could have been avoided if the Tesla owner had put their car into valet mode, restricting the speed and screen access of the vehicle. 

    Tesla Beats Expectations for Q2 -

    In the second quarter of 2020, Tesla delivered 90,650 cars, more than the predicted 60,000-70,000 deliveries. It is a great showing for the company if they can still remain functional and not lose as many sales from the pandemic as some of their competitors. At this point it would be fair to say that Tesla has mostly come out of the other side of the pandemic, without losing too much money or sales. For example, while Tesla only had a 5% drop in sales, Audi had a 30% drop during the pandemic. This shows that the demand for Tesla is real to the point that 75,946 Model 3 & Y’s were delivered this quarter. With many of the closures and restrictions easing up, Tesla has no reason to worry about the aftermath of the Pandemic on their future. 

  • June 30, 2020 4:21 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    It was a B-E-A-UTIFUL day on Sunday, June 28, 2020 when 20 Tesla’s gathered for a Jungle Cruise through Six Flags Great Adventure Safari!

    Due to the circumstances of the pandemic, Six Flags opened up the safari gates to personal vehicles for the first time in almost a decade! So for a limited time, Six Flags is a place where all the species of Earth can gaze upon one another, but still be physically distanced.

    Together we convoyed in between The Wildlife. A sight which probably hadn’t been seen since The Tesla Netherlands Safari in 2014. Video @ But unlike 2014, Tesla Vehicles today are just as diverse as The Wildlife at The Safari. We had S’s, we had 3’s, X’s, and Y’s all together. And not just from New Jersey, we had owners from New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and even Georgia.

    Thanks to the cooperation of the leadership of The Tesla Owners Club New York State & The Delaware Valley Tesla Owners Club, we were able to make this event a Success.

    And I’m sure The Animals would agree too. If the Animals could contemplate an Electric Car, I’m sure they’d thank us for not spewing emissions during our visit.

    We saw m any fellow species of Earth that day. The Giraffe, The Ostrich, Elephants. All The Classics.

    With all the traffic, our Trek took approximately 2 Hours. It was the best view in a Traffic Jam I had ever experienced.

    400 or 500 Moments...I’m sure if you think really hard throughout an entire day, you could probably list 400 or 500 Good Moments throughout your entire Life. And for me, The Tesla Safari at Six Flags, will be on that list.

    Photos By: Stephen Pallotta, Carson Gallo and Michelle Cohen 

    For Photos & Videos of this event please visit And please add any Photos & Videos you took to the shared Album.

    For any Feedback on this Event, please visit and add to our After Action Report @

  • June 30, 2020 1:26 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    California Passes Bill Promoting Electric Trucks-

    On June 25, 2020, the California Air Resources Board voted unanimously in favor of a zero emission truck standard in the state. The new standard is a first in the country, forcing manufacturers to switch from diesel and gasoline vans and trucks to zero emission options starting in 2024. They have until 2045 to completely electrify their fleets, and starting then, all trucks and vans sold in the state must have zero emissions. The new bill will be greatly beneficial to Tesla as the relatively short time frame of it means that some of the first electric trucks to the market will be the best selling. As Tesla prepares to start full scale production of the Semi Truck, more and more of them will be ordered in the state of California over the competition, as the Tesla Model 3 is currently the best selling car in the state. The brand familiarity that Tesla has will likely benefit them over more obscure, newer competitors. 

    Burger King Features Tesla Autopilot in Their Latest Ad-

    Burger King recently released an ad that shows a Tesla Model 3 on autopilot, slowing down and stopping in front of a Burger King. The reason the self driving system decided to stop there is that it thought the round Burger King sign was a stop sign. In a recent Tweet by Burger King they claim that any other Tesla owners who manage to recreate and film the phenomenon will receive a free whopper. Although Tesla does not advertise, the cars really do speak for themselves and when a product does that so well, it attracts attention and free publicity from other companies, like in this situation. 

  • June 30, 2020 10:03 AM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    After about three straight weeks of beautiful weather in Upstate New York, of course it had to rain Saturday morning. I was anticipating quite a few no-shows, but we ended up having about 13 Teslas and roughly 28 people making the 34 mile trip down to Seneca Lake State Park. Luckily, it wasn’t a torrential downpour, but it was that annoying misty rain. Shortly after arriving though, it stopped and the sun starting to peek through.

    What the sun ended up peeking at were two model Ys right in front of us, a Midnight Silver one owned by Bo Jaynes, and a Pearl White one that Tom and Darlene Peaslee decided to show off as well. Both were definitely the main talking point of the day. As you can see in the photo below, we made sure to park the white Y right next to a white X (Tony Deusenbery) to see the differences which were very interesting. For pretty much everyone there, this was the first time seeing one up close and personal and it is definitely beefier than the model 3.

    To top it off, we were surprised to find that there was a small farmers market in the same parking lot as ours and a few members ended up getting some fresh fruit to go with our lunches.

    All in all, just another great drive with quite a few new members. Just love the camaraderie that we all share and looking forward to seeing you all at our next event on July 25th when we are meeting up in Batavia with the Niagara Frontier region for ice cream.

    Photos by: Harry Burch

  • June 25, 2020 5:11 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    Before I proceed to provide my account of what was a very memorable experience, I need to publicly thank eight people, seven of which without this event would literally not have been able to happen: Carson Gallo, Gabe Tatay, Nicholas Palumbo, Jim & Heather Ferreteers, Jonathan Williams, and Keith Spiro. Even though he wasn’t able to make it out, I need to especially thank Luis Alicea. Luis was on his way over to volunteer for the morning shift, but got into a fender bender, I believe he deserves appreciation on another level for that.

    I’d like to start off this blog by discussing how this all came into fruition, and trust me... it wasn't just press play and sit back. The best way to do this is to go in a chronological order from my drive leaving Albany on Saturday morning to my departure from Spiro’s house on Sunday morning (Keith, thank you so much for opening up the doors to your home for me, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it). There was also a substantial amount of prior planning and coordination that the Tesla Science Center engaged in, I don’t want to leave out their contributions and hard work.

    Although I normally keep my car plugged into a wall outlet in the garage, we just had our driveway resurfaced, which meant that the car had to be on the street or at some other location. Since I was going to be taking a ~220 mile trip out to the island, I figured I might as well go plug it into a local free ChargePoint charger overnight so I can leave with a full charge the next day. I had my dad drive me over to the charger around 7:30 am Saturday morning, and I began my trip from Albany to the Tesla Science Center.

    Thankfully my drive was mostly uneventful, I did however run into a fairly intoxicated individual at the Islandia Supercharger around 11:20 am. They kept trying to convince me that if I added an alternator with the step-up transformer package… I would never need to charge my car again… Elon… if you’re listening... you clearly need to hire this person. While charging I ran into the supermarket to use the restroom, get some water, and purchase a Father’s day card (all while being super paranoid about the individual outside bashing in my car). When I returned, I was very relieved to find out there was no damage done to Elixir, however… guess who came up to me again trying to tell me how I can drive my car forever without having to charge it…

    I kid you not, I pull up to the Tesla Science Center exactly at 12:00pm, which is the time we planned to all arrive. When I pulled through the gate, Carson and Gabe were parked under the shade of a few trees waiting (where I can only imagine Nikola used to sit while sketching up designs for his inventions).

    Gabe and I went for a walk around the grounds where we visited:  the laboratory where Nikola worked, the exact spot where the tower once stood, and the statue out in the front to honor him (which was miraculously void of any presents left by pigeons, they must have passed down the message from generation to generation). Later that afternoon, Carson was able to show me the brick that Elon Musk donated, we also tried to figure out where those superchargers he promised would end up going ;)

    When Gabe and I got back from our short walk, Jim & Heather arrived, we all met up with Debbi and Doug who supplied us with a great lunch and the tools to start going. Debbi also showed us some of the old photos of the location and gave us a little history lesson. It turns out that the previous land owners dumped a bunch of photo processing chemicals into the ground ( and in the secret tunnels ) which ended up turning the land into an environmental remediation center.

    While eating lunch we started our planning: the location for the screen (which was actually double-sided and was originally expected to go in the middle of the lot), where the spots would go based on the number of current reservations, how cars should enter and leave, locations for trash receptacles, and anything and everything else. Once agreements were established and plans were drawn, we got to it! With some sprayable chalk, measuring tape, and some backbreaking labor on a hot summer’s day, we earned our certificates in Civil Engineering!

    Around 4:00pm we had finally finished everything that we were capable of doing, and the company that was hired to set up the screen wasn't planning to arrive around 7:00pm, so we had some time to relax. 6:30 pm came around and I was feeling pretty famished, so Carson and I went out in his Model X to go pick up some food (I ended up ordering from the Greek Island Diner… some of the best stuffed grape leaves I’ve ever had).

    Ok…  we’ve now reached the point in the story that I hope I never have to go through again... Shortly after we returned, the screen crew arrived and we showed them our plans and where the screen would get set up. One of the gentlemen was scooping up some grass and dirt off the ground and throwing it into the air. At first I thought he was just really bored and was trying to find a way to entertain himself… turns out he was checking for wind direction and speed. His coworkers noticed what he was doing, and it was at this point I began to worry.

    The crew informed us that due to the height of the screen, and the current wind, there could be a possibility of a disaster if the wind speed were to pick up. What this translates to is, “remember those 4 hours you spent baking away in the sun, yeahhh…. well..…” Ok, so maybe those weren’t their exact words, but that’s pretty much what it felt like. So at this point, we had to quickly come up with a new plan, and also at this point… attendees with premium reservations were beginning to line up…

    In a last second decision, the screen was placed in the corner of the lot where we wouldn’t have to worry about the wind being too strong, better safe than sorry. Oh and spoiler alert, the wind ended up completely dying down from the time the screen was set up to the end of the night. With the help of the volunteers as well as the staff from the movie screen company, we began to guide cars into the lot. We decided to go with a fan-shaped design for parking the cars, it worked out well even though it was never one of our initial proposals back when we first started our planning.

    Once the movie was over, around 11:00 pm, we were able to guide everyone out and begin the teardown process. The front gate must have been on an automatic timer, because at one point while folks were leaving, it started to close. This made the person who was starting to drive out stop, which made a giant line start to form behind them. I ran around frantically looking for Doug, who just calmly let me know that all they had to do was pull up a little more…. oy vey… I swear I’m a somewhat peaceful person to be around. Once just about everyone was off the grounds, I began my one hour drive over to Keith’s house where he would let me stay for the night.

    Somehow just about everything worked out that night, but it truly wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of those who helped volunteer. We learned a lot that night, and truthfully, I’m somewhat glad that we were thrown into a storm, sometimes that’s the best way to learn something. If you made it to the end, I have a gift for you… I’ll see you all on July 11th once again.

    - Stephen Pallotta

  • June 22, 2020 7:43 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    “A true legacy isn't what we build up to the heavens or carve deep into stone. Rocks will crumble, paper disintegrates, and bone turns to powder. Only that which isn't in the physical realm and reaches in both directions can be eternal. Our ideas. They are what we leave behind. And only they are what can push us forward.” - Nikola Tesla

    On Saturday, June 20, 2020 the voice of Nikola Tesla could be heard once again on the grounds of his former laboratory. It was on this day, we screened The Current Wars: The Directors Cut as a Drive-In.Over 60 Vehicles gathered on the afternoon of the 20th, and roughly a quarter of them were Teslas!

    A B-E-A-Utiful Day leading to a B-E-A-Utiful Night. Families and strangers, Tesla’s and ICE vehicles... all gathered while following social distancing guidelines to enjoy a night out. Not only were we entertained, but we were also educated on one of the most significant inventors of all time ( and I'm not talking about Edison ).

    The Film was all about the epic war of the currents, and it all came to life on the big screen featuring Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and George Westinghouse. Each one of them battling it out to determine AC over DC power and change history.

    And change history they did, many inventions were covered in the film like: AC Current, the AC Motor, the incandescent light bulb, even a cameo of a little replica of the tower that would later be constructed, but also sadly torn down on the grounds at The Tesla Science Center.

    Even though Tesla’s time ended at his former laboratory, with events like these (and turning the lab into a Future Museum), it is quickly turning into an eternal place. A place where his ideas converge. To spread Tesla’s Legacy, and to help move the world forward!

    - Carson Gallo, Long Island Regional Organizer 

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