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  • June 18, 2020 8:47 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    Tesla Looks to Acquire Texas Land -

    The latest of Tesla’s factory building craze finds its place in Texas. Tesla is currently in the process of acquiring a $5 million piece of land near Austin, Texas. The decision comes in part because of the fact that Tesla is on the verge of securing more than $60 million in incentives to build the factory. The piece of land is 2,100 acres in Travis County. Tesla will likely move very quickly on this, hoping to have a complete Model Y assembly line by the end of 2020. The site will also become where many Cybertrucks will be made in the near future.

    Another hint that Tesla is becoming increasingly invested in the area is the fact that they put out an ad for Autopilot test drivers in the area. Tesla is rapidly working on improving the Autopilot system in their cars and more testing is a great way to become more involved in the Austin community and improve their technology at the same time. 

    Tesla Releases Bountiful New Software Update

    Backup Camera Improvements - 

    What will likely be the most useful of the features from the new update is the backup camera improvements. With the new update, Tesla owners can now see the live camera feed from the sides of the car, in addition to the rear. This will be helpful for parking, and really helps Tesla in the fact that for such expensive cars there should be a 360 view camera, as there are in almost all of Tesla’s competitors. 

    Walk Away Door Locking -

    It used to be that when a Tesla owner walks away from their car with either their phone for the Model 3 & Y or the key for the Model S & X, the car would lock. A new setting in the update allows owners to make it so that when parked at home, the doors on the car will not lock when the key fob or phone is out of range.

    Cabin-Facing Camera Use - 

    In the Tesla Models 3 & Y there is a cabin-facing camera located just above the rear view mirror. The camera was never activated until this update, the update allows owners to give Tesla permission to see what happens inside the cabin during and before an accident. Tesla could be using this to improve the safety of their cars, but could also employ the feature to help them in court. Tesla has been sued multiple times by people who have suffered accidents while supposedly on autopilot. With the use of the camera before the crash, Tesla can see if the driver was not paying attention, and save themselves in court. 

  • June 18, 2020 4:54 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

     If you’re anything like me, one of the reasons you bought a Tesla was to be able to have your very own portable roller coaster… or more accurately… you’re very own spaceship on wheels. Many first-time Tesla owners come from a car that was much less expensive and far less performance oriented, this term has been deemed by a few as the “Tesla-Stretch.” Before I purchased my Dual Motor Model 3 back in December of 2018, I owned a Buick Vernao, and before that my dad passed down his Volvo S40 to me. Both of those were absolutely fantastic cars, and a part of me really misses them, and there’s one thing that they did way better than my Tesla can do… they kept me from having to buy new tires every 6,000 miles.

    Now, while Teslas are substantially heavier than their Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) counterparts, there’s a more accurate reason as to why I ( and many others ) fly through tires… pure exhilaration as a result of acceleration. It should be noted that the stock tires on most Teslas are very soft, which also doesn’t help if you like to smash the go-pedal/accelerator like a child smashes a whack-a-mole board. I’m sure I can write a whole blog on tires, and why we should all use snow tires even if we have four-wheel drive… but that’s not what this blog is about, this is about my absurd experience trying to replace my tires for the least expensive way, so… on to the juicy bits…

    One of the ways that I was able to save up enough for a Tesla was by putting aside my nickels and dimes where I could, and now that I have my Tesla… well that hasn’t changed. I initially planned to purchase a set of Bridgestone Potenzas, a good tire all around, for a fair cost of $190 a tire, but…. I just wasn’t feeling like spending that much on a tire. I was able to get Firestone to work down on the price, all in all it would have still cost around $400 for two tires/taxes/hazard protection. So I did what any millennial would do when they want to look for an item at a better place, I went to the almighty Amazon!

    Before I tell you what I bought, and the process of getting them put onto the car, I want to inform you that I am not advising you to do what I did, basically this is a “don’t try this at home kids” statement. For the 18” wheels, the Model 3 requires a 235/45R18 98W, I found a tire on Amazon with those exact specifications, checked out the 4 reviews it had, and secured my purchase. So now you might be wondering, what tire did I get and how much did it all cost? I went with the Lexani LXUHP-207 All-Season for a whopping………$67.00 a tire…

    Not many may know, but if you are looking to purchase tires on Amazon, they will let you ship them directly to an auto shop. You can even pay in advance to have them put on there, a very seamless process and only $20.00 per tire. So the final cost for everything: the two new tires, mounting and balancing, and tax = $184.72 ( not bad if you ask me ). But here’s the thing... I still haven’t got to the real juicy part of the story, the  process that was required to get these tires put on the car… and good gravy was it a process!

    Before I scheduled my appointment through Amazon, I called up the local Mavis to make sure they would be able to put them on my car… and surprise, they refused to touch it… but thankfully my luck was just one click below. I called up the Mavis on Central Ave in Albany and they said they would be alright with working on it! In anticipation of having this work done, I also ordered the hockey pucks that are needed to safely lift a Model 3/Y, because as we know in typical Tesla-world.. nothing can even just be made to fit the norm.

    Once I arrived at the Mavis, I spoke with the gentleman inside and let him know about the hockey pucks and why they are needed, went over how the key-card works, as well as how to drive the car (not even joking with that last part, I forgot I had it I had it one-pedal driving, he couldn’t figure out how to get the car moving). 

    We got the car in the bay and we both put the hockey pucks on and started to figure out how it would all go down… and man did it all go down… thankfully not too literally. It turned out that the lifts were too high off the ground and wouldn’t be able to fit underneath the hockey pucks. We lifted the back left of the car up by pulling up underneath the wheel well and managed to get one of the lifts underneath the pucks in… success… not so fast bucko… We went over to the front left and tried the same but it was just far too tight of a squeeze.. it wasn't going to work. If life taught me anything significant so far, it has been to never give up, and you bet yourself we didn’t stop there!

    I had an idea, what if we could use a single-point jack and just do each wheel independently, surely more time consuming, but it was our only option left. Thankfully the technician that I was working with had a 3-ton low profile jack in the back of his car, and we started to get the ball rolling once again! We positioned the jack into place, put the hockey puck back into position and…. vullaahhhhh, success!

    So here’s my suggestion, if you enjoy a unique story in life, take chances and play it a little more risky. If you enjoy things going smoothly, take the more cautious option. I ended up hanging out in the garage the entire time talking with all the techs about the car and Tesla in general, one of them even offered me a slice of pizza! Overall my honest suggestion, especially as the club manager, just have all your vehicle maintenance done officially through Tesla, but in the meantime, I’m sure I’ll be able to provide you with plenty more…. entertainment. 

    Oh… and the cherry on top, I figured since I put the service tech through the underworld and back, we might as well go out for a drive. This was his first time ever driving an electric car, and long story short, he has committed to getting a Tesla as his next car and passing down his current vehicle to his son, so… pretty successful day if I must say so!

  • June 16, 2020 12:25 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    Part of the fun of being a kid in the ’70s was the tradition of piling into the family car for a random Sunday drive. Sure, it was invariably an Olds Cutlass wagon and never an EV (though the first one I ever saw in person was a Sebring-Vanguard CitiCar during one of those rides that took place on, believe it or don’t, July 4, 1976).

    But I digress. Those often rural, sometimes urban rides made for some great memories.

    Even with billows of just-barely-catalytic-converter-era exhaust fumes.

    I’ll admit, I don’t know if we ever targeted Lockport on those rides. I’m guessing we must have.

    Either way, this place in Niagara County ended up being the logical destination for the Niagara Frontier section’s inaugural group drive on Saturday, June 13. Our group would easily be the greatest number of EVs ever in this underrepresented city at one time.

    Combine a mild, crystal clear morning with twenty, count ’em, twenty Teslas at the Buffalo Supercharger in Clarence and you’ll have an idea of how this historic event kicked off. This first in-person monthly meetup since March had full face mask compliance and a mix of owners from as far as the Capital region, Southern Ontario and all across WNY . . . including a big turnout of Finger Lakes region members. It appears we had a total of 31 souls taking the ride, from kids to folks up to 90.

    The stunner: no one at all voted for the direct, 14-mile route straight up RT-78, or even the 19-odd miles of back roads that was dubbed “Route A.”  Nope. It was a unanimous choice of “Route B” as the longer, 29-mile alternate.

    By a few minutes past 10:30, all of us aside from one Model S P100D that was there only to charge queued up and followed Yours Truly, solo in “Zappa” the Model 3. Our nineteen total vehicles (Model 3, S and X) barely eked out a lead over the previous month’s successful Finger Lakes region social distancing drive to Canandaigua. At least at the start!

    After a sprint up Transit, we took the first exit to RT-324/Sheridan Drive and then the first left on Ledge Lane—easily the most slalom-like road in the region, and a great way to warm up everyone’s tires for the rest of the trek.

    Next, it was due east. We made it to Salt Road and the edge of the suburbs. The bulk of the ride would be rural, with wide-open views, farm-fresh scents, and not enough traffic to impact the convoy too much. I made just a couple of stops to let the accordioning work itself out.

    We wound our way through Sand Hill, Shooktown, and eventually to the edge of Lockport. Part of the goal was to highlight the urban fabric via Locust Avenue, where one of our Key Members later said he got a whiff of a most delicious aroma from one of the corner delis.

    Part of that same stretch of Locust was recently milled, and the daughter of one of our TOCNYS Divas later remarked to her dad that they had been “4 wheeling” on that leg of the trip!

    The approach into the city center of Lockport at 1 Locks Plaza gave us the chance to populate their 22-space lot (two dedicated to a ChargePoint station) with 17 Teslas. Apparently one didn’t arrive on time, and another showed up and soon left.

    All in all, a rousing success. We did have one loyal member meet a State Trooper—that’s right, he got pulled over—but only for a minor wellness check since the Trooper had seen him stop on the shoulder of a road, twice, to let a trailing Tesla catch up. Now that’s teamwork!

    The group kept up some spirited conversations, we were coal-rolled and snickered at only a couple of times, and more than a few members took the opportunity to gaze down at the Erie Canal locks or else grab a coffee or ice cream at locally owned establishments nearby. A win-win for all. Add one more win for the “future owners” who stopped to ask questions, and even a random Model 3 that drove past the last few stragglers and saluted.

    One lesson learned: make sure you have Full Self Driving if, like me, this was a maiden voyage through not quite familiar territory. FSD was driving most of the time while I dealt with the Google Maps Go app to guide us from one turn to the next. Since Tesla’s nav doesn’t yet support waypoints, that meant setting no more than eight “destinations” between the start and finish. Then the voice navigation from the app would more or less guide you to the next one, even if there were intermediate turns. I was hoping that “A Better Routeplanner” might have indeed been better but Google Maps Go seems to lead.

    Thank you to all TOCNYS participants and guests for making this a smooth and memorable kickoff to the summer season. We already have a few follow-up group drives in the works, so please stay tuned.

    Last, I dedicate this event to the memory of my late father, who never needed FSD or an app. He arrived at his final destination two years to the day of this trip, but I’m sure would have been overjoyed to see the parade of participants in this historic drive.

    Photo By; David Perez

    Video by Eric Milligan.

  • June 10, 2020 3:50 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    Tesla Is Now the World’s Most Valuable Carmaker

    As of June 10th, 2020, Tesla has surpassed Toyota as the World’s most valuable carmaker, a massive step for the company and the future of EVs. Tesla’s stock price has been all over the place since they first went public in June 2010. Recently, the stock has been climbing and climbing, reaching $1,000 a share on June 10th.

    The chart below shows the top 10 automakers ranked by market cap. Tesla had everything going for them as far as reaching this milestone. Virtually all other automakers have been losing value lately, while Tesla is growing rapidly. The reason behind the most recent stock push is that Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently stated internally that volume production of the Semi Truck is imminent. Tesla’s recent push to the top shows that innovation is still happening, and a company approaching its 17th birthday is more valuable than companies who were among the first to mass produce the automobile. 

    Tesla Releases New Car Access Feature -

    It can be found in many facets of the Model 3 and Model Y that these cars are meant to be, and will one day be, robotaxis. From the impressive autonomous driving hardware, to the interior camera, the Model 3 and Y are only limited by their software. This week, Tesla improved the software by launching a new “Car Access” feature. The feature makes one of the things originally found most puzzling about the Model 3 almost obsolete, the key card used to unlock the car. Typically, Model 3 owners have their phone synced to the car so the car unlocks when they walk up, and they can get in and drive.

    The issue lies in the fact that if a Model 3 owner wants to lend their car to someone, they have to give them the key car, or their login to their Tesla account, which is not information someone wants to give out liberally. The new feature enables an owner to enter someone else’s email address and then Tesla will send them an email prompting them to create a Tesla account and install the app. The person who created the account now has full access to the car via the app, and once they are done with the car, the owner can remove them from the list of drivers, revoking their access. This feature will open up a lot of possibilities in the future for Tesla as well as owners who are lending their car to someone. 

  • June 10, 2020 12:00 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    When a few Tesla owners across New York State had a fundraising idea, they were in for a treat when all the pieces came together. Conceptualized two months ago by Niagara Frontier Regional Organizer, John P. Weiksnar, the campaign was a way to show gratitude to factory workers at Tesla’s Buffalo Gigafactory. Key Member Brian Swails and Club Manager Stephen Pallotta partnered to create a GoFundMe campaign to bring the idea to fruition.

    Over the course of those two months, a total of $2,937 was donated by individuals from around the state and as far out as California. TOCNYS communicated with Marci Gregson at Gigafactory New York (GFNY) to develop a joint strategy beyond the initial plan to donate doughnuts and coffee to factory employees. In consummation with Tesla they expanded the focus of the campaign funds directly to the local community where GFNY operates.

    On top of raising funds, GFNY employees had also collected food items for FeedMore WNY. On Monday, June 8, 2020, John arrived at the factory to assemble with Tesla Executive Assistant Nicole Kulik and HR People Partner Julia Spunt. Together they transported over 94 lbs. of food in Model 3s from the factory to FeedMore WNY headquarters. Working with Feedmore WNY’s Special Events and Volunteer Coordinator, Gaelyn Clay-Adams, TOCNYS and GFNY combined their funds to a total of $4,100!

    This campaign would not have been possible without the 80 generous GoFundMe donors and Tesla employees who decided to give back to the world. These individuals helped shine a light of compassion and love in a time where many of us needed it most. 

    Thank you! 

  • June 10, 2020 10:51 AM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    Friends of Rogers started an Electric Car Raffle on Thursday May 14 th . The Electric Car Raffle is a new fundraiser for Friends of Rogers and features a prize of a 2015 Tesla Model S, ($35,000) ARV. The raffle runs from May 14, 2020 at 10 am to October 14, 2020 at 6 pm. The drawing will be held on October 21, 2020 at noon, at Rogers Center and will be open to the public. Tickets are $5 each or 5 tickets for $20 and other bundles are available. All details and rules for the raffle can be found on their website, click on “Win a Tesla.”

    The nonprofit organization had to cancel their most popular fundraiser in March, just one week before the Spring Frolic was to take place on March 19 th , due to the COVID-19 statewide shut down of mass gatherings. They plan to host the Silent Auction portion of that event sometime over the summer. At the time of this release, it has not been determined when that can take place. Time will tell how the reopening of the state goes for a business, like Friends of Rogers. The hope is that the Electric Car Raffle will provide environmental education on electric vehicles and bring in revenue from ticket sales online, by mail and by phone.

    Heather Tehan, Director of Development said “We hope to introduce people to the electric vehicle while we raisemoney for our environmental education programs to continue. We are facing a year without the Spring Frolic and thecancellation of the School Field Trips and outreach programs.” Even though the programs and field strips have beencancelled, the number of people going to Rogers Center is up. Simon Solomon, Executive Director said “We are excitedto see so many people enjoying the property with their families, the kind of numbers we usually see in mid-Summer. It isnice to see that the community is still relying on us as a place to get outside and enjoy nature even with the buildingsbeing closed at this time.” The buildings and restrooms remain closed until further notice. The trails are open and fishfood available in the dispensers near the trout ponds.

    The 2015 Tesla Model S is going to be on site at Rogers Center for people to see, as staff is available, until the buildingsare reopened. Then staff expects to have the vehicle in front of the Visitor Center daily. They also have the 2 nd ElectricCar Show scheduled for October 4 th to join with National Drive Electric Week. Last year’s event brought 18 EV’s onproperty with a variety of Electric vehicles on display and test rides given. You can register for the event at . You can find out more information on this Electric Car Raffle at .


    Friends of Rogers Executive Director Simon Solomon is available for interviews by calling (607) 674-4733.

    The mission of the Friends of Rogers is to provide outstanding educational opportunities that excite, inspire, and motivate

    people of all ages to enjoy, understand, appreciate and protect our natural environment.

    Photo Caption: The 2015 Tesla Model S Electric Raffle Car.

  • June 08, 2020 8:07 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    I'm excited to announce that Tesla Henrietta has added a Gallery with Model’s S, X, and 3 available for demo drives! Tesla Henrietta will also have two amazing Gallery Advisors, James Stokesberry and Garrett Kenyon, who will be able to answer any questions and help your friends, family, and yourselves continue to expand the Tesla family.

    If you are looking to contact either James or Garrett, you will be able to do so by sending them an email at, please do not  call the service phone number listed on Google.

    Send an email with your inquiry and phone number, and one of the Gallery Advisors will get in touch with you. Tesla Henrietta is looking forward to accelerating Western New York’s transition to sustainable energy with you!

  • June 08, 2020 11:45 AM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    During the Finger Lakes Region group drive last month, TOCNYS President Patrick Ho took note of my car’s newly installed wiper blades and asked if I would write a blog entry on them. (There was no back and forth; he didn’t have to twist my arm, either.)

    Why do you suppose he asked? Ahhh, because windshield wipers were invented in my home town of Buffalo?

    No, though that would have been an epic comeback had the muse struck!

    It’s because the ones I installed were just that snazzy.

    Let’s dig into this.

    The stock Model 3 wiper blades, at least from my early 2018 VIN, appear to be Bosch OEM ‘frameless’ a/k/a ‘beam’ blades. To the best of my knowledge, they are a traditional rubber composition, probably with a graphite coating.

    Mine worked like a champ for a little over a year. Then they started streaking modestly (which should be an oxymoron!). I did clean them and applied Gummi Pflege a few times but soon enough went the lazy route and chose a cheapie Amazon blade set for a replacement.

    The brand was XTechnor, and even with glowing reviews, those “OEM” blades were a letdown more or less from the start. Performance was so-so and they were noisier than the OEMs. I decided to ask for a refund, expecting nothing, yet their overseas customer service rep “Christina” complied and refunded my credit card without fuss (Tesla shock and awe at work? Who knows!). Anyway, the price was in the neighborhood of $29 for the pair, at the time, but has since dropped an entire buck.

    Fast forward a few more months and I’m a rainy season away from two years of ownership. Now what?!

    The replacement blades, also rubber, inspired me to buckle down and do some heavy-duty wiper blade research. Would I end up a.) coughing up for a pair from Tesla proper, b.) ordering a set from RockAuto this time (they did have very inexpensive name-brand variants that a fellow TOCNYS member assured me were the way to roll: cheap but often), or c.) going over all the options for a certain variety implanted in my head: silicone.

    Yes indeed, not long ago, silicone blades supposedly went from esoteric and sky-high expensive down to commodity items at your local Wal-Mart (I’m joking . . . or maybe not!). The main plus of this toney formulation is longer life, they say, thanks to the wide thermal range and environmental abuse that silicone can hack. Come on, I use it in my own kitchen for an oven/freezer mitt, and it hasn’t let me down, yet. Right?

    Imagine my surprise, then, after checking every Tesla forum under the sun, when the leading Model 3-compatible silicone blade turned out to be for sale only at—drum roll, please—Wal-Mart.

    I bypassed Bosch (tough to find in silicone), passed by PIAA (tough to order) and ran away from Rain-X (tough to shell out a premium for), ending up with the same brand as my OEM tires: Michelin.

    Note that for the driver’s side it’s the “Michelin Endurance XT Advanced Silicone Wiper Blade 26",Last 2X Longer,” and for the passenger‘s, “Michelin Endurance XT Advanced Silicone Wiper Blade 19",Last 2X Longer” (2X sounds good to me!). You are looking at $18.42 and $17.47, respectively, down from the $20.47 and $19.47 I paid in March. Not bad for a compatible set of silicone blades.

    Wait, not so fast.

    Compatibility may be promised, but, IRL (as all the kids like to say), expect frustration during the install.

    First, the attached “EZ-LOK” mounting adapter that you’ll need to replace with one of the enclosed parts is a heinous beast to remove. You would guess you’re prying apart a disgruntled Tesla owner from their new E-tron (oh no he didn’t just say that!), or maybe worse. With persistence, though, you’ll fling that bad boy off the beam soon enough and lose it forever in the tundra of your garage.

    Second, the so-called “Narrow PTB” connector that you need to install (which stands for “Push Tab Button” but might as well be “Pretty Tough B****” since it’s not much better than the first part) calls for a quick modification. Simply twist off and chuck the two plastic tabs that make the part a Regular PTB adapter. But it never ends that easily. Next is the apex test of your patience: even the Narrow PTB, once introduced to the beam, will not play nicely with Tesla wiper arm washer nozzle cowls. No matter where you position the wipers in service mode, you will have to assume the strangest postures to flex each nozzle cover just far enough toward the windshield until you finally slide up the Narrow PTB adapter to the limit on each arm.

    Who knows; maybe it will be easier for you. Either way, your reward is a wide, smooth wiper pattern, near silence, and that snazzy appearance to last a while.

    The best news of all: a YouTuber by the name of Because Tesla posted a video in November, 2019, that covers almost every one of these nuances. Watch it.

    BONUS: You will never not think of that video, every time you use the washer fluid. . . .

    One last thing you should know is that these Wal-Mart blades carry a one-year warranty and you can request a replacement pair by the end of that coverage. Not too shabby!

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Weiksnar went from wishy-washy to washer/wiper wisdom.

  • June 04, 2020 7:41 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    All German Gas Stations to Include EV Chargers - 

    Germany recently made a move that will ensure greater EV adoption in Germany and sets an example for other nations worldwide. The BDEW, Germany’s energy association, has an electric vehicle incentive package that includes tax credits on EV’s cheaper than €40,000 as well as making all gas stations in Germany install EV chargers. The charging speed and number of stalls required at each gas station is still unknown; however, Germany is making it clear to its citizens and the rest of the world that they are all in on EV adoption.

    Although EV’s only accounted for 1.8% of passenger vehicle registrations in Germany, as more German automakers continue to electrify their lineups, German garages will do the same. In the long term, this plan supports German automakers who either are making or will make EVs in the future, but in the short term this plan actually benefits Tesla. This plan benefits Tesla because their Supercharger network in Germany is getting more robust by the day, and they will soon have a factory in Berlin, solidifying them as a true competitor to the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, and BMW. Currently, there are not many German made EVs and as Tesla increases their presence in Germany, their market share will only go up.

    New York State Approves Massive Wind Farm -

    This week, New York State has approved their biggest wind farm ever, a 30,000 acre, $454 million investment that will help propel the state towards green energy. The new wind farm will be located on a 30,000 acre area to the southeast of Buffalo. The new farm will have 116 total turbines and create enough energy to power 134,000 homes. This is a great step towards New York’s goal of being net-zero emissions by 2040.

  • June 02, 2020 10:06 AM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    It was a B-E-A-UTIFUL Sunday on June 1st, 2020 for many Tesla Owners of New York State. Together, our members embarked on our journey from the Islandia Supercharging Station, to Heckscher State Park.

    A ~20 minute journey in which no Tesla was left Behind! We stuck together, and we Autopiloted together. And together we enjoyed The B-E-A-Utiful Views That Heckscher had to offer.

    For a few attendees, this was their first event ever with TOCNYS! There were also a great variety of Tesla’s, from a Brown Model S 85, to a color-changing wrap on a Model 3 (depending on how the sun hits it). There was even some guy whose crazy enough to LIVE in his Tesla!

    I have a saying, “You have to find Things & People you love in this world” And I certainly found that thing, which is my Tesla, and the people which are club members; I believe there’s a lot of people who feel the same way. One the biggest reasons why events like these are so great is due to the bonds that are created with people who feel the same way about their Tesla’s and the community behind them.

    I have a saying, “You have to find Things & People you love in this world” And I certainly found that thing, which is my Tesla, and the people which are club members; I believe there’s a lot of people who feel the same way. One the biggest reasons why events like these are so great is due to the bonds that are created with people who feel the same way about their Tesla’s and the community behind them.

    I have a saying, “You have to find Things & People you love in this world” And I certainly found that thing, which is my Tesla, and the people which are club members; I believe there’s a lot of people who feel the same way. One the biggest reasons why events like these are so great is due to the bonds that are created with people who feel the same way about their Tesla’s and the community behind them.

    I have a saying, “You have to find Things & People you love in this world” And I certainly found that thing, which is my Tesla, and the people which are club members; I believe there’s a lot of people who feel the same way. One the biggest reasons why events like these are so great is due to the bonds that are created with people who feel the same way about their Tesla’s and the community behind them.

    Until the next one, Stay Charged & Stay Safe. - Carson J Gallo

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