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  • June 10, 2020 10:51 AM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    Friends of Rogers started an Electric Car Raffle on Thursday May 14 th . The Electric Car Raffle is a new fundraiser for Friends of Rogers and features a prize of a 2015 Tesla Model S, ($35,000) ARV. The raffle runs from May 14, 2020 at 10 am to October 14, 2020 at 6 pm. The drawing will be held on October 21, 2020 at noon, at Rogers Center and will be open to the public. Tickets are $5 each or 5 tickets for $20 and other bundles are available. All details and rules for the raffle can be found on their website, click on “Win a Tesla.”

    The nonprofit organization had to cancel their most popular fundraiser in March, just one week before the Spring Frolic was to take place on March 19 th , due to the COVID-19 statewide shut down of mass gatherings. They plan to host the Silent Auction portion of that event sometime over the summer. At the time of this release, it has not been determined when that can take place. Time will tell how the reopening of the state goes for a business, like Friends of Rogers. The hope is that the Electric Car Raffle will provide environmental education on electric vehicles and bring in revenue from ticket sales online, by mail and by phone.

    Heather Tehan, Director of Development said “We hope to introduce people to the electric vehicle while we raisemoney for our environmental education programs to continue. We are facing a year without the Spring Frolic and thecancellation of the School Field Trips and outreach programs.” Even though the programs and field strips have beencancelled, the number of people going to Rogers Center is up. Simon Solomon, Executive Director said “We are excitedto see so many people enjoying the property with their families, the kind of numbers we usually see in mid-Summer. It isnice to see that the community is still relying on us as a place to get outside and enjoy nature even with the buildingsbeing closed at this time.” The buildings and restrooms remain closed until further notice. The trails are open and fishfood available in the dispensers near the trout ponds.

    The 2015 Tesla Model S is going to be on site at Rogers Center for people to see, as staff is available, until the buildingsare reopened. Then staff expects to have the vehicle in front of the Visitor Center daily. They also have the 2 nd ElectricCar Show scheduled for October 4 th to join with National Drive Electric Week. Last year’s event brought 18 EV’s onproperty with a variety of Electric vehicles on display and test rides given. You can register for the event at . You can find out more information on this Electric Car Raffle at .


    Friends of Rogers Executive Director Simon Solomon is available for interviews by calling (607) 674-4733.

    The mission of the Friends of Rogers is to provide outstanding educational opportunities that excite, inspire, and motivate

    people of all ages to enjoy, understand, appreciate and protect our natural environment.

    Photo Caption: The 2015 Tesla Model S Electric Raffle Car.

  • June 08, 2020 8:07 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    I'm excited to announce that Tesla Henrietta has added a Gallery with Model’s S, X, and 3 available for demo drives! Tesla Henrietta will also have two amazing Gallery Advisors, James Stokesberry and Garrett Kenyon, who will be able to answer any questions and help your friends, family, and yourselves continue to expand the Tesla family.

    If you are looking to contact either James or Garrett, you will be able to do so by sending them an email at, please do not  call the service phone number listed on Google.

    Send an email with your inquiry and phone number, and one of the Gallery Advisors will get in touch with you. Tesla Henrietta is looking forward to accelerating Western New York’s transition to sustainable energy with you!

  • June 08, 2020 11:45 AM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    During the Finger Lakes Region group drive last month, TOCNYS President Patrick Ho took note of my car’s newly installed wiper blades and asked if I would write a blog entry on them. (There was no back and forth; he didn’t have to twist my arm, either.)

    Why do you suppose he asked? Ahhh, because windshield wipers were invented in my home town of Buffalo?

    No, though that would have been an epic comeback had the muse struck!

    It’s because the ones I installed were just that snazzy.

    Let’s dig into this.

    The stock Model 3 wiper blades, at least from my early 2018 VIN, appear to be Bosch OEM ‘frameless’ a/k/a ‘beam’ blades. To the best of my knowledge, they are a traditional rubber composition, probably with a graphite coating.

    Mine worked like a champ for a little over a year. Then they started streaking modestly (which should be an oxymoron!). I did clean them and applied Gummi Pflege a few times but soon enough went the lazy route and chose a cheapie Amazon blade set for a replacement.

    The brand was XTechnor, and even with glowing reviews, those “OEM” blades were a letdown more or less from the start. Performance was so-so and they were noisier than the OEMs. I decided to ask for a refund, expecting nothing, yet their overseas customer service rep “Christina” complied and refunded my credit card without fuss (Tesla shock and awe at work? Who knows!). Anyway, the price was in the neighborhood of $29 for the pair, at the time, but has since dropped an entire buck.

    Fast forward a few more months and I’m a rainy season away from two years of ownership. Now what?!

    The replacement blades, also rubber, inspired me to buckle down and do some heavy-duty wiper blade research. Would I end up a.) coughing up for a pair from Tesla proper, b.) ordering a set from RockAuto this time (they did have very inexpensive name-brand variants that a fellow TOCNYS member assured me were the way to roll: cheap but often), or c.) going over all the options for a certain variety implanted in my head: silicone.

    Yes indeed, not long ago, silicone blades supposedly went from esoteric and sky-high expensive down to commodity items at your local Wal-Mart (I’m joking . . . or maybe not!). The main plus of this toney formulation is longer life, they say, thanks to the wide thermal range and environmental abuse that silicone can hack. Come on, I use it in my own kitchen for an oven/freezer mitt, and it hasn’t let me down, yet. Right?

    Imagine my surprise, then, after checking every Tesla forum under the sun, when the leading Model 3-compatible silicone blade turned out to be for sale only at—drum roll, please—Wal-Mart.

    I bypassed Bosch (tough to find in silicone), passed by PIAA (tough to order) and ran away from Rain-X (tough to shell out a premium for), ending up with the same brand as my OEM tires: Michelin.

    Note that for the driver’s side it’s the “Michelin Endurance XT Advanced Silicone Wiper Blade 26",Last 2X Longer,” and for the passenger‘s, “Michelin Endurance XT Advanced Silicone Wiper Blade 19",Last 2X Longer” (2X sounds good to me!). You are looking at $18.42 and $17.47, respectively, down from the $20.47 and $19.47 I paid in March. Not bad for a compatible set of silicone blades.

    Wait, not so fast.

    Compatibility may be promised, but, IRL (as all the kids like to say), expect frustration during the install.

    First, the attached “EZ-LOK” mounting adapter that you’ll need to replace with one of the enclosed parts is a heinous beast to remove. You would guess you’re prying apart a disgruntled Tesla owner from their new E-tron (oh no he didn’t just say that!), or maybe worse. With persistence, though, you’ll fling that bad boy off the beam soon enough and lose it forever in the tundra of your garage.

    Second, the so-called “Narrow PTB” connector that you need to install (which stands for “Push Tab Button” but might as well be “Pretty Tough B****” since it’s not much better than the first part) calls for a quick modification. Simply twist off and chuck the two plastic tabs that make the part a Regular PTB adapter. But it never ends that easily. Next is the apex test of your patience: even the Narrow PTB, once introduced to the beam, will not play nicely with Tesla wiper arm washer nozzle cowls. No matter where you position the wipers in service mode, you will have to assume the strangest postures to flex each nozzle cover just far enough toward the windshield until you finally slide up the Narrow PTB adapter to the limit on each arm.

    Who knows; maybe it will be easier for you. Either way, your reward is a wide, smooth wiper pattern, near silence, and that snazzy appearance to last a while.

    The best news of all: a YouTuber by the name of Because Tesla posted a video in November, 2019, that covers almost every one of these nuances. Watch it.

    BONUS: You will never not think of that video, every time you use the washer fluid. . . .

    One last thing you should know is that these Wal-Mart blades carry a one-year warranty and you can request a replacement pair by the end of that coverage. Not too shabby!

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Weiksnar went from wishy-washy to washer/wiper wisdom.

  • June 04, 2020 7:41 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    All German Gas Stations to Include EV Chargers - 

    Germany recently made a move that will ensure greater EV adoption in Germany and sets an example for other nations worldwide. The BDEW, Germany’s energy association, has an electric vehicle incentive package that includes tax credits on EV’s cheaper than €40,000 as well as making all gas stations in Germany install EV chargers. The charging speed and number of stalls required at each gas station is still unknown; however, Germany is making it clear to its citizens and the rest of the world that they are all in on EV adoption.

    Although EV’s only accounted for 1.8% of passenger vehicle registrations in Germany, as more German automakers continue to electrify their lineups, German garages will do the same. In the long term, this plan supports German automakers who either are making or will make EVs in the future, but in the short term this plan actually benefits Tesla. This plan benefits Tesla because their Supercharger network in Germany is getting more robust by the day, and they will soon have a factory in Berlin, solidifying them as a true competitor to the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, and BMW. Currently, there are not many German made EVs and as Tesla increases their presence in Germany, their market share will only go up.

    New York State Approves Massive Wind Farm -

    This week, New York State has approved their biggest wind farm ever, a 30,000 acre, $454 million investment that will help propel the state towards green energy. The new wind farm will be located on a 30,000 acre area to the southeast of Buffalo. The new farm will have 116 total turbines and create enough energy to power 134,000 homes. This is a great step towards New York’s goal of being net-zero emissions by 2040.

  • June 02, 2020 10:06 AM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    It was a B-E-A-UTIFUL Sunday on June 1st, 2020 for many Tesla Owners of New York State. Together, our members embarked on our journey from the Islandia Supercharging Station, to Heckscher State Park.

    A ~20 minute journey in which no Tesla was left Behind! We stuck together, and we Autopiloted together. And together we enjoyed The B-E-A-Utiful Views That Heckscher had to offer.

    For a few attendees, this was their first event ever with TOCNYS! There were also a great variety of Tesla’s, from a Brown Model S 85, to a color-changing wrap on a Model 3 (depending on how the sun hits it). There was even some guy whose crazy enough to LIVE in his Tesla!

    I have a saying, “You have to find Things & People you love in this world” And I certainly found that thing, which is my Tesla, and the people which are club members; I believe there’s a lot of people who feel the same way. One the biggest reasons why events like these are so great is due to the bonds that are created with people who feel the same way about their Tesla’s and the community behind them.

    I have a saying, “You have to find Things & People you love in this world” And I certainly found that thing, which is my Tesla, and the people which are club members; I believe there’s a lot of people who feel the same way. One the biggest reasons why events like these are so great is due to the bonds that are created with people who feel the same way about their Tesla’s and the community behind them.

    I have a saying, “You have to find Things & People you love in this world” And I certainly found that thing, which is my Tesla, and the people which are club members; I believe there’s a lot of people who feel the same way. One the biggest reasons why events like these are so great is due to the bonds that are created with people who feel the same way about their Tesla’s and the community behind them.

    I have a saying, “You have to find Things & People you love in this world” And I certainly found that thing, which is my Tesla, and the people which are club members; I believe there’s a lot of people who feel the same way. One the biggest reasons why events like these are so great is due to the bonds that are created with people who feel the same way about their Tesla’s and the community behind them.

    Until the next one, Stay Charged & Stay Safe. - Carson J Gallo

  • May 29, 2020 9:40 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    Tesla Increases V3 Supercharger Installations

    Last year, Tesla officially launched their new iteration of the Supercharger, called Version 3 (V3). These V3 Superchargers can charge up to 250 kW, and according to this website, Tesla has 93 Supercharger locations under construction and 123 locations currently getting permits. The Supercharger network has long been something that drives EV shoppers to Tesla rather than the competition, but as other automakers continue to expand their charging networks, it is important for Tesla to maintain the lead in charging infrastructure that they have worked for since 2008. Many potential EV buyers’ biggest fear is that there are not enough chargers on longer routes that they usually travel for them to either get to their destination or not be driving to the last mile of range just to get to the next Supercharger. The added speed is also huge as more and more Teslas hit the road with the arrival of the Model Y. Supercharger lines are already not uncommon in California due to the number of Teslas there, and with faster charge times, more people can charge in less time. All in all, the addition of more Superchargers is helping Tesla remain at the top of the EV market. 

    Model Y to Be Best Performing Tesla in Cold Weather

    Electric vehicles and cold weather are not a natural combination at all. As most New York Tesla owners know, there are many problems that come with EV ownership in the wintertime. For one, the range of the car is very decreased when in cold weather and sometimes regenerative braking is less effective, or not active at all. The reason for both of the above is that the battery has to expend much more energy on maintaining a healthy temperature in the battery, so it can decrease range and regenerative braking. Also, the door handles of Teslas can become frozen shut, making it impossible to enter the car until the ice melts. Luckily, the Model Y has addressed all of these issues. Firstly, there is now a heat pump in the battery that can much more efficiently maintain a stable battery temperature than the systems on the X, S, and 3. Also, the door handles on the Model Y are actually able to be pushed in, towards the body of the car which will allow owners to break the ice surrounding the door handles.

  • May 29, 2020 9:46 AM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    We were all a little concerned about the possibility of a rain out, but mother nature was in our corner and what a great day at was! The Eastview Mall supercharger was our starting point and as members pulled in, they were greeted by my drone up in the air. Still a bit of a newbie pilot if I’m being honest, but aerial views of Teslas are extremely cool. A big shout out to Anthony who made the trip from Buffalo and brought the legendary Frankies donuts that everyone enjoyed before leaving.  Speaking of Buffalo, we had a nice turnout from our Buffalo members that made the roughly one hour drive to Rochester. There was one gentleman who made roughly a three hour drive and that was our club manager, Stephen Pallotta. Can’t say enough about how much that meant to everyone that he took the time to drive out from Albany. Thanks so much Stephen!

    At roughly 10:15, 18 Tesla’s, mostly model 3s and some model S’s, snaked their way down the back roads to beautiful Canandaigua New York. The 30 minute drive to the Starbucks parking lot was our end destination. Members took out lawn chairs and continued to eat Frankie’s donuts while some brought their lunch. We lined all 18 Teslas up in a perfect row parallel to Rt. 5 and watched many heads turn as they were driving by. A few folks pulled in smiling as they drove by and even a few more actually stopped and asked us what was going on. An 88-year-old gentleman sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle made all of us smile the most when he pulled in telling us that he had two Teslas and of course we gave him one of our cards so that he can join our club.

    At a time when we are all yearning for some face to face contact with humans as well as getting out from our four walls of our houses, our club was able to pull both off yet be respectful of each other‘s boundaries during this unprecedented time. Considering there is no end to this in the near future, Rochester is going to continue to have these fun drives for the next few months. If you can’t change the situation, you have to change your attitude and it was nice to see everybody with smiling faces. 

    (Click here to view drone footage from the event)

    Rick Cognata- Finger Lakes Regional Organizer

  • May 26, 2020 11:55 AM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    As TOCNYS nears the 1,000 member mark, it became heavily apparent to me that there was a need for delegation of local leaders  from all parts of New York State. The need for action became even more evident once I created a map of Registered Teslas in New York State. While the majority of registered Teslas are in located in the downstate area of New York, there are regions that are growing at a rapid pace such as: Finger Lakes, Niagara-Frontier, and Capital-Saratoga. It's crucial that as a club we have access to this data, as well as make plans on how to act on it. 

    Over the past few weeks I have been working with new Regional Organizers and Key Members to make plans for the future of TOCNYS and sustainability in New York. As some of you may have heard me state in the past, each region of our state has their unique components to offer, and having leaders who understand these components are key to the success of their region. 

    Our current Regional Organizers & Key Members are:

    1. Capital - Saratoga Region: Regional Organizer- Howard V. Kibrick / Key Members- Edie Houle

    2. Finger Lakes Region: Regional Organizer- Rick Cognata / Key Members- Don Wilcox & Harry Burch

    3. Long Island Region: Regional Organizers- Keith Spiro & Carson Gallo ( looking for 1 more R.O. ) / Key Members- Luis Alicea, Steve Fabrikant

    4. Niagara Frontier Region: Regional Organizer- John P. Weiksnar  Key Members- Anthony Cancemi & Joe Bockus

    5. Chautauqua - Allegheny Region: Regional Organizer- Brandon Gary 

    6. Hudson Valley Region: Regional Organizers- Eugene LeedsLloyd Trufelman ( looking for 1 more R.O ) Key Members- Rich Hargrave & Jen Reimer

    I am currently looking for Regional Organizers in the following regions

    1. Adirondacks Region ( 1 )

    2. Catskills Region ( 1 )

    3. Central Region ( 1 )

    4. Thousand Islands - Seaway Region ( 1 )

    5. ***New York City ( 3-4 R.O.s )*** Key Members: Brian Swails & James Noto

    To see what region you are in, click here or the following link-

    In the near future, I will be adding a permanent page to our site that displays our Regional Organizers and Key Members; for the meantime I would like to provide and update on our current list. If there is vacancy as a Regional Organizer in your region, or you are interested in becoming a Key Member, please email me so that we can further discuss the role; you can find more information about becoming a Regional Organizer or Key Member by reading this blog

  • May 22, 2020 6:29 AM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    Tesla Brings Bidirectional Charging to Teslas -

    Electric vehicles are good in almost every way imaginable… but they can put a lot of strain on the power grid. Fortunately, it turns out that EVs can actually help the power grid. A recent study shows that fleets of EVs could actually help save owners money by only charging their cars during off-hours. Many electric companies bill customers a different fee per kW depending on when they use their electricity. Peak hours of electricity use is typically in the early evening, when people are getting home from work, cooking, and using their HVAC systems. Teslas currently give owners the ability to plug the car in, and have the car be plugged in, but not charging except for certain hours. This can help EV owners save even more money on powering their cars. Additionally, the study found that if EVs could actually send power back to the grid, it would be even more beneficial. If there is a hurricane, or another event that causes a blackout, utility companies could potentially pay homeowners for feeding electricity from their car to the grid. This would also be more beneficial for the individual owner if they have a Tesla Powerwall because this means that they can power their own house during a power outage. 

    The First Convertible Model 3

    Although Tesla once made the roadster, and will soon make another one, there is not currently a convertible Tesla model available for purchase. Luckily, a company called Newport Convertible Engineering has made the dreams of EV convertible fans come true. The conversion isn’t very cheap though- it is $30,000 on top of the price of the original car. The converted cars do go through rigorous road and water testing to ensure that it can function as a normal car, without sacrificing the car being waterproof or having ridiculous amounts of wind noise while travelling at higher speeds. Thankfully for safety, Newport Convertible Engineering claims that there is no structural rigidity sacrificed in the conversion. Although the car might not be the prettiest, nor what Franz von Holzhausen and Elon Musk envisioned, it is fun to see something new in the otherwise relatively plain design of the Model 3. 

  • May 14, 2020 6:30 PM | Stephen Pallotta (Administrator)

    Tesla Owner Stops Carjacking With Their Phone - 

    This week, in Barstow California, a Tesla owner was sitting in the driver’s seat of their Model 3 when a man reportedly came up to the car and demanded he get out. What the thief did not know is that the Model 3 owner got out of the car, he had his phone with him. Due to the fact that the Model 3 either needs the phone of the owner in the car, or the car’s keycard touching the center console to shift into gear. The Model 3 owner then pulled out his phone, and with the thief still baffled as to why the car wouldn’t drive, locked the doors. Unfortunately the thief did not do their research as they did not realize they could simply get out of the car using the manual door pull. When the police quickly arrived on scene, the carjacker was still mashing the door open button to no avail and the car was saved, and the criminal caught. Although this one instance seems funny and odd, it points out a much larger safety factor that Tesla’s have. As most Teslas are more expensive than the average car, it would be easy to think that there would be more attempted thefts of them. Fortunately, this is not the case. Thanks to the fact that every Tesla can always be tracked, whether via the owner’s phone or the company, there are very few attempted thefts on Teslas. For example, from the start of 2011 to May of 2018, there were 115 attempted thefts of Teslas and 112 of those thefts were recovered. A 97.3% recovery rate is very impressive seeing as only 59.1% of all cars are recovered.  

    Tesla Gives Slight Update to Model 3 Interior -

    This week in China, Tesla made a change to all the new Model 3 cars that are being produced in their new Shanghai factory. The change is not much of a surprise and many expect it to happen in the US once production resumes at full speed. The change is that the Model 3 interior now has some of the same features as the new Model Y. For example, there is now a Qi wireless charging pad in the car and there are now USB-C ports in the car as opposed to the traditional USB-A ports.

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